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  1. Wednesday: Quick scrap with CT ft. FL on login

    single bots in multy ? l o l !! ! !
  2. welcome back dolla

  3. Friday: DI Smoked BB

    mfw moggers put up a better fight than DI lol
  4. need a full disclosure of your mental condition so post 1 cuz: - mental disorders are weakminded and unstable - 90% of ppl with gender issues are sucidal - 100% of them need to speak to a shrink
  5. idiot boss

  6. Blame CNN -.-

  7. MVPofPVM's Intro

    u misspelled RSD btw welcome anyway
  8. Dragon Slayer II

    easy quest
  9. easy win for the rot goons
  10. Tramadol

    lol u cant even afford heroin u poor piece of shit