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  1. Sunday - More single pking

    oh u know just reapin the loot from our element again lol
  2. Saturday - GMT PKIn

    Makin big money in our element
  3. smoked em all lmao
  4. df2/vr smoked

    Actually disgustingly easy lmfao nice vid
  5. Friday: DI Smoked BB

    how can 1 clan be SO FUCKING BAD
  6. do you have a penis or boobs do you pee or poop?
  7. Thursday: Kings of Single & Multi

    all other clans out of their element this rot element now lmfao
  8. Dumbass rats, didnt you remember the entire wild is our element
  9. Monday: Brunch

    Frontline in chat, Rot ingame lmfao
  10. Monday: Brunch

  11. Login Changes

  12. dumbass single bots lmfao
  13. im nuts

  14. Sunday - Clearin wild again!

    just a quickie to slurp up the lootie
  15. Thursday 3AM 1.3b+

    ez frickin money lmfao