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  1. Eleven Years

    big grat (Y)
  2. The Last Independent Clan?

    finnish ppl suk swedes>fins
  3. Display Name (Make sure you're giving us the account name that you're fighting on since we have to add you to multiple cc's and shit): Doc Lnit What clan/team are you in? (if none then just give a little background information about you like past clans or that you're a content creator): EoP Are you aware that this might last a few hours? If you leave before the tournament ends you will be disqualified: Yes Post a picture of you on RS with your stats page open and you saying "hello rot gamers" in the chat box:
  4. More DMM Pk

  5. Saturday: Return of AF

    looked sick
  6. bone bolt KO

  7. mini pk

    nice vid homie goose
  8. Pure clans