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  1. New years sale

    just put my savings in virtual coin wish me luck
  2. Home Stretch

    max cape in 2018 lul
  3. Dark Souls: Remastered

    Probably one of the best RPG's ever made on console is getting a remaster with most of the original problems of the first version taken out, 60 fps, 6 player online & dedicated servers. Online PvP is probably the best part of this game where you can join other peoples games and fuck with them and stop them from progressing I have about 1,000 hours+ played on the original and have played at least 200 hours + all achievements on 2 & 3 Have you had any experiences hearing/playing the original or are you planning to pick up the remaster when it comes out?
  4. Sunday: Clearing our Wilderness

    nowhere to hide lmfao
  5. Cooker boy

  6. From "Savage Goons" to Guitar Heros

    the state of pakistan
  7. Do you know da wae?

    i hate reddit memes