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  1. God damn 82 felt like the worst thing ever, heck 99 xd gz man
  2. Sunday: Clearing our Wilderness

    Heck work Clans trying to pk but bend the knee once again..
  3. 3x $80 Coupons Up for Grabs! PUBG Giveaway by PlayerAuctions

    Heck yes free skirt and shoes
  4. pked pet

    Ow my pet
  5. From "Savage Goons" to Guitar Heros

    lololol Kkz still crying on the phone Sssnakepit playing guitar hero What next, found out next time!
  6. RS Phone Sex Operator

    LOL what did i just listen to..
  7. Sunday - More single pking

    Someone ring kkz back and ask him where they at
  8. df2/vr smoked

    The some what attempted resurrection of the anti rot alliance smoked again. Time to close again fags
  9. Olmlet at 29kc lmao

    robe top and olmlet? wtf
  10. Football Discussion

    1-0 down 4--1 win Ez winner
  11. Saturday - GMT PKIn

    Kings of multi kings of single Is anyone willing to step up?
  12. LVGC - Intro

    Whats good dude :)
  13. idiot boss

    Dat looty. Seems the new boss might be worth doing.
  14. yes FINALLY

    Oh damn gz big dog Still no skilling pet for me :(