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  1. Reign of Terror Vs Cutthroat clan

    looks like fun
  2. DI Death Watch

    Life support
  3. Trip Reports

    what kind of report
  4. 1. Display Name: Savoureux 1a. Previous Display Names: Will Graham, Dolarhyde, IlIlIIIllIl, Crook Hillary 2. About yourself: I am a recent graduate working in the IT field and I love what I do. I enjoy basketball, soccer ( both watching and playing but mostly only watch the Euro/World Cup). I am a big movie/tv show watcher, if thats even a thing, I enjoy pking in whatever format single/multi. 3. Combat Level & Picture of your Stats:126 [img=https://imgur.com/AKjy2q7.png] 4. Do you have the recommended Character build (http://rs-rot.net/fo...showtopic=58557)? Yes refer to previous picture 5. Do you have any experience with Clans? If so, which clans: 2008 (Bh Craters): Reckless Synergy (Mid Crater) Ambition (Mid Crater) 2008/2009 (PvP Worlds): L2k 2ez Infamous Pkers The Crew Infinite Lurers Authority 2010 (Bh Worlds): 2ez (Mains/Remake) Ambition (Mid Levels) 2013 (OSRS Release): 2ez (Single Team) 2014 (OSRS): Hitlist 2015/2016/2017 (OSRS): Sanity (2016) Adrenaline (2017) Cutthroat ( Inception to end of 2016 ) 6. Do you play Deadman at all? I haven't before much but I think in the future I would like to try from a more serious approach with the new improvements 7. Do you know anyone in RoT, if so, whom?: Zain, Rune Evil, Gladias, Filz 8. Anything else you want to add: I hope to get to know you guys.
  5. So many new rappers right now.

    Moron. ty
  6. Trip Reports

  7. yes more skilling content ty
  8. Thursday PK

    easy game
  9. 1 million

  10. So many new rappers right now.

  11. Trio Hilt

    easy game
  12. Reign of Terror vs Cutthroat

    Nice action to both clans