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  1. My message to Reign of Terror

    I got another plan in mind...
  2. New Sheriff in Town

    @Dark Good luck everyone else!
  3. Now they know: FOOLS

    Let's be real here it's ridiculous that FOOLS even thought they were anywhere near us. I mean talking shit is fine, but eventually you gotta back it up, and FOOLS has never been the clan to do that. Amateurs.
  4. Reign of Terror vs Cutthroat

    We set up a fight with Cutthroat for Friday, November 3rd. It would begin at 4:30EST and end an hour later. There was one rule: No multi-spells. Reign of Terror Starting: Cutthroat Starting: Getting back in this rhythm is nice. Fighting clans again and seeing other clans fight is a positive step forward in the wake of the anti-RoT alliance pretty much being disabled (hopefully for good). That being said, there was nothing remarkable about the fight. It was fast paced and fun and remarkably clean. To my knowledge, a once-formidable purple cape clan who is averaging 11 quit topics a month showed up with about 15 people but were taken out instantly by our anti-crash. Thanks to Cutthroat for the fight. Hope to see this trend continue between all clans who remain open and haven't given up yet like some of our rivals. Reign of Terror Ending: 200~ Cutthroat Ending: 150+ Shout Outs... DF & DI members for staying dedicated while their leadership hilariously wastes their time and makes them look stupid on a daily basis. Cutthroat for the fight
  5. Tuesday: DF / DI in GMT

    Infested clan gwas
  6. Peev

    Peev joined the clan nearly nine years ago and since then has served both as a Member and as an Official. Peev is what it means to be a member of this clan. From the beginning, with all the people who doubted him based on his history with rival clans, he's always been a shining star in the clan. He's always been active within our community, he's always been a vocal part of the clan which is part of the reason why he eventually, and currently, serves it as an Official. The other reason why is because his approach to the game is exactly what we as a clan hope all our members share, the mentality that we should fuck around when we can be fucking around, but when things get serious we all need to get serious. I can think of few members who exemplify that approach better than him. In that aspect, he is an example for people to follow.
  7. Dark

    Dark joined the clan nearly a decade ago and has served the clan with nothing but loyalty and dedication in that time. Not only as a member, but also as an Official. Much is said about behind the scenes work. The people who push and pull levers and make organizations run seemingly effortlessly. In the almost ten years that I've come to know him, I'd sum him up as the guy you want on your team. The quintessential team player. That guy who is always willing to put in 110%, that guy who is willing to spend hours discussing, talking, and strategizing with you, that guy who always pushes himself to give his best and always comes back stronger the next time. Though not always the loudest person in the clan, he should always be thought of as a strong communicator and team leader. I'm sure as we follow the road ahead he'll continue to manifest himself as truly one of the greatest members the clan has ever had.
  8. FOOLS Quality

    Looks like the mass recruiting they've done in an attempt to compete with us has had a major effect on their clan as they lost two rounds to Di+CE (Considered the lowest of the low as far as CWA goes), and not only lost, but got 3:0'd in kills. Ouch. Expected from a clan that has accepted 65 new members in a month.
  9. Similar to Di's expose yesterday, we found a lot of unexpected things. I will give DF this, while they haven't been as keen to DDoS/Dox as Di have been, they've spent pretty much the last few years talking shit about the members they lead. If you're a DF member, I'd give the entire logs a quick control+f to see for yourself. http://rs-rot.net/leaks/divine_forces/2017/ The above logs span their private IRC, applicant reviewer IRC, leader IRC, scout IRC, and a few private member channels (where people talk a lot of shit about fellow members/officials). Happy Control+F'ing! To those who only want to juicy highlights...here you go...
  10. Di has a proud tradition of having their officials give up on trying to fix their broken clan and quitting, and that tradition continues until this day... I wonder who is next :hmm: If I had to guess I'd say D96, because he tried really hard to join RoT before finally accepting the closest he'd get was Di. I wonder if I should post those logs (Maybe I'll also include how he made Exotic RoT minions under my orders) :cry:
  11. Hopefully someone can provide the quitting topic of this latest Di official to leave the clan
  12. Well well well....I'm pretty sure Di's leadership didn't want this to come to light. Considering another official quit today, don't be surprised if you see another one of these soon. :cry: First pictures relate to their Doxing/DDoSing/Cheating in Jagex tournament habits. And since I was a few minutes late...a nice preview of our DF leadership leak tomorrow :gwas:
  13. Small preview to the entire 2 year log file being posted Since Di has taken a liking to accusing us of DDoSing without evidence on Twitter/Discord/etc I thought I'd return in kind by leveling accusations of my own, except mine are actually based in fact and I have proof. Lets see what those who got all high and mighty about DDoSing have to say about this one
  14. They're finally here...! This is probably one of the better ones I've seen in recent years. It will be a great read. [19:31] <&True_2k8> dude [19:31] <&True_2k8> was mad embarassing [19:31] <&True_2k8> we got leaked like [19:31] <&True_2k8> every week whe ni joined [19:31] <&True_2k8> i remember being weird about who i was talking to in ts n shit [19:31] <%`iDanny> ~ df only clan not to be leaked in osrs ~
  15. Di has switched sides (Third time, making them the only clan to hop between pro-RoT and anti-RoT three times in only the past couple years) in the crash war and joined DF, Fools, Brut, Sanity/Adrenaline/Vanity/LIT/MW/etc in the Anti-RoT alliance. Unfortunately for Di, 2 years of leader IRC logs will probably expose some behavior they wish could have stayed under the rug. Good luck!