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  1. Friday #2 - CT Fight & Single

    Gratz on win owners
  2. Lol di is as bad as jaja
  3. bye mog bye fags

    cant believe mog time is still relevant. good work fellas
  4. some zulrah luck

    Damn that's bank loot.
  5. Fossil Island Improvements

    Looks good. Glad they're fixing content now
  6. Wednesday: Quick scrap with CT ft. FL on login

    just when you think FL couldn't be any dumber they pull something like this LOL
  7. PRO TIP: Buy Bitconnect in dip

    Just sold my house and truck for bitconnects. Good fight Chinese
  8. 1. Current display name: SnekInMyBewt 1a. Past display names (List as many as possible): tsb_cbird (August 2009 Roster) thechildpred (January 2010 Roster) Im Cbird xD Ghjjf 4-head (no -) Captn Austism 2. Timezone and Country: Central, USA 3. Proof of mIRC/nbs/nns (Web clients will not cut it): 3a. IRC names (Past and present): cbird 3b. IRC channels (You use apart from #RoT): 4. List all TS Servers/Communities you've frequented in the past year (if any): 4a. Do you have a Mic: Yes 4b. Do you use it: Yes 5. About Yourself: 23 years old graduate in electrical engineering from south Louisiana. Currently a project coordinator in a big plant down here. I live in the Sprotsman's Paradise so I enjoy all things outdoors: hunting, fishing, and gator wrastlin'. Cook and eat Cajun food all the time, usually what was harvested that year. Lift weights frequently to stay in shape too. I've played RS off and on since 2005. Had to quit a few times due to real life obligations. 6. How long have you been involved in Clans: I've been clanning since early 2009, but have been off the scene since late 2010 7. Are you active on RS outside of Clan Events: Yes, I like to PVM and chill 8. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats): 125 9. Do you have Augury and/or Rigour: I have Augury, working on Rigor. 10. Picture of your Wilderness Supplies: UPDATED WITH PAINTED SHIELDS 11. List ALL Clans, Teams, Country Clans, and Communities you have ever been apart of or tried joining. Include when it was and why you're no longer with them: Infamous Pkers- Joined due to Iwuzhacked back in BH. Made it to FA before they closed. Met a few good people, enough to get my foot in the door for the next team. Border Patrol - Honestly I consider this my first real taste of a pk team. I met many friends here and really improved my single and multi pking skills. I believe we closed due to leaders going separate ways, can't really remember. Damage Inc.- Spied on DI for Mattyb for a month or two. Didn't really care for DI because all of my friends were in RoT or other teams. Reign of Terror - Genuinely the most fun I have ever had on RS. There wasn't a single person in RoT that I disliked. I came to RoT shortly after BP closed due to all the leaders and most of my friends migrating here. During my time in RoT, we became #1 p2p and f2p. I remember the 10 hour fight with DI that solidified the hold on #1 p2p. Multi pking has always been enjoyable to me. I unfortunately had to retire from RoT to focus on some things I had going on in real life. 12. How many years/months of experience do you have in F2P fights (1-5, 5 being strong, how would you rate yourself): Few months of f2p experience. Probably a 3. Still remember to bind/pile and snipe when on that team 12a. How many years/months of experience do you have in P2P fights (1-5, 5 being strong, how would you rate yourself): Over a year of p2p experience. Probably a 4 do to being out of the scene for so long. Really eager to learn how combat has evolved since I was a member. 13. Do you have any experience with Deadman Mode: No, but I watch a lot of Deadman content. Also willing to learn and participate. 14. Do you have any experience with the Jagex Cup (P2P/F2P): No 15. Have you ever Applied to the Clan before (Provide link if applicable): Yes, I was a member from 2009-2010. 16. Why do you want to join Reign of Terror (No Bullshit): Being in Reign of Terror was the most memorable time of my RS days. I enjoyed talking to all of the members and participating in the community. PKing has always been the main reason I played this game. Multi was always especially fun, especially when it took multiple clans to team up to even be competition. I always thought RoT had the best community in the game, even though I probably don't even know most of the roster nowadays. 17. Why should we give you a chance? What do you have to offer (Again, No Bullshit): I can offer dedication and loyalty to the clan. I'm a quick learner so I believe I can adapt to the new era of Pking we are currently in. I may not be on all the time during the weekdays due to work, but my weekends are mostly free. I will also idle in IRC when I am home just to make sure I do not miss events and chill with the community. I'm also an easy person to get along with. 18. Has anyone offered to vouch for you, if so, who: Erik Brian289 Andrew 19. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for (Not to be confused with people vouching you): Erik (8.5 years) Brian289 (8.5 years) Andrew (8 years) MattyB (8 years) Plazahitman (8 years) H0z (8 years) Supercoke (8 years) Dunno if these guys are still RoT, but this should give the timeframe of the people I know/knew Billgodyz (8 years) Paco (8 years) Jimmy (8 years) Marty (8 years) Nine151 (8 years) Gtow (8 years) 20. This is your last chance to come clean about your past and clear anything up. With that in mind, do you have anything else to add: My last intro was closed because I did not clear up things with Mattyb before posting it. Things have since been cleared up and he told me I could reintro again.
  9. The Ball Brothers

    unless its the finals and im drunk, couldn't care less about hoops
  10. Never Lucky On This Game

    gratz on ice lizard
  11. And I'm breaking down again...

    Lol supercoke is always the most reasonable person
  12. Sunday: Clearing our Wilderness

    lol mog time came back just to get wrecked
  13. Home Stretch

    gratz man
  14. lol idiots cleared again