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  1. From "Savage Goons" to Guitar Heros

    heard he uses dental floss for guitar strings
  2. welcome back dolla

    my nigga
  3. My message to Reign of Terror

    reminds me of ruon3bs
  4. davedax

  5. Say what?

    ur a good guy bud
  6. Matt's biggest fan (Total Terror)

    i swear he was the leader of that single team vendetta like 7 years ago with an exact copy of rot forums + he pretty much copy pasted matts posts lol name could be wrong but im 100% sure its him
  7. skilling vlog ep 1

  8. skilling vlog ep 1

    love pain n dat no brain n dat dumb ass idiot n dat
  9. skilling vlog ep 1

    this is what brut leader is up to after he suicided his dogshit team into us btw
  10. skilling vlog ep 1

    mans got a cold n dat
  11. Hi <3

    nice forum name homo
  12. Jared & Peev

    merry xmas manhattan - muslims
  13. Jared & Peev

    also it might smell like shit cuz u wipe ur hands with ur ass
  14. Jared & Peev

    btw dont put ur hands up u might drop the bombs ur holding lmfoa
  15. Jared & Peev

    hands up if youre muslim in 2017