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  1. Cbird's Reintro

    You know what will be expected from you previously being RoT. Just know a lot has changed so you will have a lot of adapting to do. good luck.
  2. Dark Souls: Remastered

    A q p W
  3. Friday: DI Smoked BB

    sik loot
  4. idiot boss

    Didn't ask didnt care
  5. If you don't have this cape you suck ass

    You should chuck that tbow now
  6. New Sheriff in Town

    RoT leader nigga
  7. Say what?

    Mature Manure Mature
  8. I'm sorry match

    King big dick
  9. back in that action

    I'd say take it 2 the casino but ur already there
  10. Thursday 3AM 1.3b+