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  1. Saturday: Awkward as fuck (Yeah, it's 19-0)

    I literally cannot believe it's 19-0. That's crazy shit, congrats and great job.
  2. Reign of Terror decimate Damage Inc - 18-0

    is it really 18-0??? how????
  3. Friday: DI got raped

    Jesus Christ this is funnier than back when you raped brut in like 90 vs 130 fight.
  4. Wilderness Closed

    won't last. they never seem to.
  5. Wilderness Guardians

    are they for real?
  6. Monday - RoT vs DI

    Looking untouchable honestly.
  7. Saturday out ft. Di, Df

    Looked ez
  8. the weeknd

    So good. I dig The Weeknd so much. You know Drake is pissed as hell he didn't sign to him. (I can see why he would be though, Drake put him on hard)
  9. Reign of Terror Vs Damage Incorporated

    Good job, looking strong.
  10. New RS Poll

    Yes to all
  11. MM = New RoT

    Well, that was hard to listen to.
  12. Is Jagex fucking retarded?

    I think they should add f2p server and fuck off entirely, almost nobody who actually played in 07 or earlier actually wants this shit.
  13. 30v30 Meele Only vs Di

    Looked like a feast.