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  1. Friday #2 - CT Fight & Single

    more clans crash next time plz shits 2 ez
  2. lmfao that di kid tryna be slick but teled back to same spot mfw
  3. some zulrah luck

    nice buck
  4. whats ur favorite brand of bitcoin?

    i invested in CoonCoin early on and never looked back
  5. Wednesday: Quick scrap with CT ft. FL on login

    was a good ass fight, just lmfao irl @ frontline those kids are dumb as hell
  6. Dark Souls: Remastered

    if its online i might give it a look
  7. bye mog bye fags

    mog time u fuckin ranga
  8. Sunday: Clearing our Wilderness

    some sick shit
  9. Cooker boy