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  1. Wednesday: Quick scrap with CT ft. FL on login

    Jesus christ flatline what in the FUCK are you doing LMFAOOOOOO
  2. PRO TIP: Buy Bitconnect in dip

    Agreed gonna dump all into bitconnect today
  3. New years sale

    Tonne of XRP, ADA, ETH Looking at Monero
  4. Never Lucky On This Game

    kill urself anime weeb
  5. From "Savage Goons" to Guitar Heros

    haha fucking rot retards ssssssssssssssssssnakepit doesnt even play runescape but hes frontline it doesnt count LMFAO ! we up in chiraq CHECK DA SCORE ! lmao !
  6. Another Jarl

    well deserved if u am ask me for my honestly opanian much love goodbye
  7. Hello!

  8. Frontline

    that says something cos i didnt expect anything