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  1. whats ur favorite brand of bitcoin?

    thats a flavor not a brand?
  2. Fearless are back

    what the fuck is an XLPC
  3. The Ball Brothers

    not playing against 16 yr old lithuanians he doesnt
  4. The Ball Brothers

    people will eventually forget about them, neither one are good enough to play in the NBA... they're playing 16 year old lithuanian retards
  5. MMA/UFC Discussion

    feel like they always say gregor gon lose next fight but except for legit retard strength diaz who doesnt even realize hes getting hit no one has really been able to figure it out yet
  6. Sunday - More single pking

    BUG 16m pk imo
  7. we're in your element

    lol gino has had that pet for so long and he doesnt even play anymore... not impressed
  8. Thurs: Taking over Single

    thats like 6 max kills!!!!!!
  9. New Forums

  10. Tuesday Night M O N E Y

    its just so easy for us
  11. My message to Reign of Terror

    wat the fu
  12. pure nhing

    domdomdomdom d-d-d-dom
  13. Say what?

    ur still on? LMFAO