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Reign of Terror vs The Alliance

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Earlier in the week I set up a a PK trip for this Sunday, I knew Brutality and Frozen Fury had week preps for this Sunday so we were expecting a fight. However during the week, VR managed to key-log a FA and word of our PK trip spread throughout the Alliance. Everyone prepared for what would be the biggest Sunday in P2P, one that would set the stage for the months to come. Our days of hard preparation resulted in our largest pull since the closure of Di.


Ancient Fury were on the world with Brutality in their sights, and to this Violent Resolution decided to threaten them.



We knew The Alliance would complain but we decided we'd go anyways.


Reign of Terror Starting: 330

The Alliance (VR+FF+Brut) Starting: 700~




We rushed them by Volcano North-east of New gate and the fight began, I think VR came in like 5 minutes late so in this time we managed to build a firm lead which we'd hold throughout round 1. We pushed their regroups around the wilderness for about 40 more minutes until The Alliance logged out. I wasn't sure if they were done but apparently "DF and AF" came to help us, so I quickly spoke to AF and DF leaders and asked them to leave the fight, to which they agreed. We quickly grouped up and hopped worlds.





Reign of Terror Ending: 360~ (Few Randomers on us)

The Alliance Ending: Hopped Worlds





We hopped to World 86 and quickly grouped up.


Reign of Terror Starting: 360

The Alliance Starting: 700~


We knew coming into this world that The Alliance would be a lot more prepared. The fight would remain on World 86 for the next 3 or so hours. We knew Brutality had lost a lot of numbers (they only pulled like 50 to begin with) so we put them in our sights, and we basically for an hour exchanged regroup hits, as all 3 clans regrouped separately it wasn't a easy task. Dinner time came along and many of our Members went AFK which caused a few minutes of tough fighting, once they came back we began putting the pressure back on until it was so easy that we split our TS into two piles. From here we knew the end was here, 2 piles of over 50 RoT each just dominating any Alliance clan that stood in their path. At about 8:15 Eastern Zero Fear1 made a special appearance on RoT TS and gave us all a little speech, at that point nothing could stop us. Surely enough shortly before 9 PM EST, The Alliance called it a day after about 5 hours of fighting.


Great job to all RoT there, peaked at 120 on Teamspeak. Thanks to The Alliance for the fight today, shame you couldn't back up everything you said during the week.





Reign of Terror Ending: 330 (Couple scattered)

The Alliance Ending: 0




Perfect example that Organization is a lot more important then Numbers. See you on The Battlefield.

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45 kills 7 deaths

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Was a feast lmfao, nice try.

Edited by Harry

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Alliance down, was so easy...They dragged it out way to long l0l...Double our ops but can't do anything with it.

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shit that was fun as fuck

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We destroyed them.

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22 kills 9 deaths



I killed Ipklikenoob


I killed Bain XD


I killed 98274987274


I killed Dannni_Yea


I killed iEvizu


I killed the player Diamonds UK.


I killed 982749872894


I killed xLigit


I killed FearThe Fury


I killed F3arTh3Fury


I killed rivor 0f r3d


I killed R3mn4nt


I killed iErasus


24000000XP in Strength


I killed Qiiiiiii


I killed hells120


I killed Cats G0 Meow


I killed The SlapTree


I killed B Blazer


I killed isRael Roks


I killed ily Ronne


I killed usuckatspam


I killed s0jm3n


=> http://services.runescape.com/m=adventurers-log/rssfeed?searchName=Rorolulie ;)


Some pics/loot



















nothing really great but meh, profitted.


TY vr/ff/brut

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Around 5 deaths, 15-30 kills not sure. Good fight.

Edited by Dark Punk11

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like 20 kills 10 deaths 20m loot, proof;





Edited by Fo Im Aaron

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Made about 1.5m profit but saw atleast 3m in loot go away after finding :(



Was very very easy

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Guest Evan

First off, GF World.


Mage(101) +108,745 (No Brawlers)



17 Kills (noticed and found about half, and survived with about half of that), 15-20 deaths.

5 sets of zuriels lasted me about 2 hours, with 2 of those sets degrading before I died.



Most recent to least recent:


I killed xLigit

I killed Fearthemike

I killed Krystal_Dog2

I killed Killerhen2

I killed usuckatspam

I killed Mago Nero8

I killed Atl321

I killed no fat woman

I killed Yu Mad

I killed iJobb

I killed Revengful Pk

I killed B Blazer

I killed Shortyboi360

I killed Foo Foo Unit

I killed GF Lady Gaga

I killed no fat woman

I killed Qiiiiiiiii











End of the first round:


















Edited by T H E Do0rs

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