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Why Dee Ess

#4: Jay/YDS

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Why Dee Ess
  1. Real life Name:
  2. Your Runescape LOGIN Name (Picture proof, logged into the Jagex Website) and any Display Names you have used:
    Brut Pride - Shitty Name Made mistake, regret using this name :russianroulette:
    S w a gg u h
    O Ruined O
    Yds xD
    NorthWest On - Current
  3. What timezone do you live in and where do you live?:
    Est Miami, Florida
  4. Tell us a little about yourself:
    Im 15 i will be 16 this year September 2, Born in 1995.

  5. On average how many hours are you online for each day?:
    School Days- 2:30-10:00 or 11:00 Est
    Weekends- Shoulden't be a problem can be on anytime, unless i have to be somewhere or is important but will inform if that comes to be the case.
  6. Are you the original owner of the account? If not, list the circumstances under which you obtained your current account:
    Yes im original owner.
  7. Does anyone other than yourself have access to your Runescape account?:
    vesta_bong he is a New Member in RoT, i trust him with it.

  8. F2P Combat:123
  9. P2P Combat:132
  10. Post a picture of your Stats:
  11. List every clan/team you have ever been apart of and why you have departed them (You MUST post reasons):
    So heres the Ice Breaker.
    Frozen Fury - Was a decent clan, learned how to Multi Pk in it, Wasen't to familier with Multi still tho, not till my later clans Closed. - TM
    Brutality - Joined because couple FF members join(Anoobis30, kingdom1292), Wasen't even good, anyways Enough of Brut - TM
    Genocide - Was a Small Team after i got kicked from Brut closed, wasent really big diden't really learn much their - TM
    Kill Orgy - Not glad to say this but yes i was once a part of them for a good cause atleast to spy for MattyB, this is also the clan i hate to say but learned to tank with them.- Intro
    Shortly after this: I Quit Runescape after being hacked for my bank, i was told by some people it was Blazer1332 or Ipklikenoob i yet to confirm it was them, but anyways that was the past.
    Frozen Fury - I applied in hopes for spying for MattyB i wasent welcome to join FF as seen they hate me so i diden't try anymore.
    Reign Of Terror - I was in Reign Of Terror for about 2months and going i was a good Intro in my part, but then again i wasent, i was slacking in different things that were told to me that i already know to fix this time around, Im looking foward to join RoT again and staying for good.
  12. Post a picture showing all of the Required Gear needed (Failure to post ALL of the Required gear will get your Introduction locked instantly):
    My banks coming back after being DDoSed by some1 idk who but w/e, ive been slowly making it back, took this week making money back, will update more sets as they come.
  13. Do you have any P2P & F2P Multi experience?:
  14. What is your IRC name?:
  15. Do you hang out/PK with any other groups of friends? this includes IRC channels, Ventrilo/TS teams, if so list all of them:
    Thepals TS or skype with kingdom1292 or Anoobis30
    #RoT, #Candy, #Thepals, #Gunit, #Tristin, #Rs-Rp, #76k, #Born2kill, #Gatt, #Johny, #Mfoust

  16. Why do you want to join RoT? (At least 75 words):
    I want to join RoT to live the experience ive always imagined, Ive always wanted to dominate in P2P and F2P, my last 2months in RoT were the best 2months out of all the clans ive been in, I can bring to RoT my maging experience im a decent mager in P2P, and i dont even melee or range in F2P, straight up Binds/Blasts, My first experience in RoT was a blast, lets hope this one ie 2x better, and let's make sure this time im in RoT for good, NO MORE MISTAKES FROM MY PART.

  17. Do you know any RoT members? if so who and for how long:
    Christy - Over what 2Years+? - Used to be in her PvM clan. B4 it Closed.
    kingdom1292 - 8months+ - FF
    Anoobis30 - 8months+ - FF
    IC3B - 8months+ - FF
    Pvp_Skiller - 8months+ - FF
    Vesta_Bong - 1 Year+
    2krazykills - Lives in my Town - about 5months never knew he lived near me - Miami #1 ;D
    Aceman- about 4months to - in RP
  18. The usage of TS and IRC is mandatory at all times when online in RoT, is there anything that limits your ability to use TS/IRC?:
    Nope, i will be able to use it all the time, if im home Ofcourse.
  19. Please provide a cropped picture of your TS3 & IRC Client(s):
  20. Do you have a microphone? (If so, do you plan on using it):
    Yes, Yea ill use it.
  21. Have you Read The Rules and agree to follow them?:
    I've Read the Rules and I agree to follow them. I will take full responsibility for my actions and if I am to break any of the rules, I accept any Punishment I receive.
  22. Have you Read This topic?:
    Yes i have, and i will obey them.
  23. Any Additional Comments:

Message me on IRC if u have a problem with me that we can fix, or if something is wrong or u need help with something PM Yds-.

Thank You for taking time to read my Introduction.

Edit:I also apologize to Breaker for anything i did, im sorry man pm me on IRC if u don't belive me, but we can resolve this.



Edited by Taylor Gang

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Aceman- about 4months to - in RP


I've been RoT since Feb, before Rp was made o.O never been in them.


But none the less, best of luck. Take it more serious than you did last time.

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Vesta B0ng

Good guy, Good member. Don't forget about PM this time. Goodluck.

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You're a great guy, active as fuck, and I trust you 100%. I know how bad you want to be here, just keep working at it and it'll happen.


Good luck :) You have my ref when you're ready for FA.

Edited by Christy

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Hm, goodluck.

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