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Why Dee Ess

#3: Jay/Yds- FA To RoT

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Why Dee Ess

1. RuneScape Name:

NorthWest On


2. Your Introduction Link:



3. Please post pictures of every event you have attended so far (It is normal to not have attended any until this point, if this is your case then edit pictures in as you go):


~RoT V. DF~ 1/15/10 +EoS After.








4. Post a picture showing all of the Required gear needed:



5. Why do you want to join RoT? What do you feel you could add to the clan (At least 75 words):

Reasons i wanna join RoT? Well for starters ive always wanted to join RoT because ive always wanted to join RoT, but never thought i would be here where i am today, Its a surprise the many friends ive made in RoT on the last 2months i was an intro, RoT is A really good clan to be in, as of the experience ive seen, Good Leadership, Good Everything Tbh, What i can bring to RoT is my maging experience im a dedicated mager, u might say im not because im not like those people with like 500+ Mage sets Ect, but im willing to return with mage all the time in both F2P and P2P, Im also commited to staying to all fights, even on weekdays ill stay at the fight till the last possible second i can, On weekends it shoulden't even be a problem the War can roll over for days ill still be their.


6. List your Referral(s):




7. Did you know anyone in RoT before Introducing yourself? If so, who:












8. Do you agree to follow all the rules throughout your Applicant period:

Yes i will respect these rules.


9. Additional Comments:



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00000000000000000000000l bruh

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