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Why Dee Ess

#5: Jay/YDS intro

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Why Dee Ess
  1. Real life Name:
  2. Your Runescape LOGIN Name (Picture proof, logged into the Jagex Website) and any Display Names you have used:
  3. What timezone do you live in and where do you live?:
    Eastern, I live in Miami Florida.
  4. Tell us a little about yourself:
    I am 15, Turning 16 in September, I'm A Freshman in highschool, I Play Runescape, I play Basketball & Football, I love my Life :D

  5. On average how many hours are you online for each day?:
    Weekdays - 3 PM Est - 10PM EST Or 11 PM.
  6. Are you the original owner of the account? If not, list the circumstances under which you obtained your current account:
    This is account belongs to an IRL friend who lives next to me, He quit to make a Turmoil Pure, He lives next to me, Goes to my school, and I've known him since 2nd Grade.
    Does anyone other than yourself have access to your Runescape account?:
    No, Just my Friend who gave me it.
  7. F2P Combat: 123
  8. P2P Combat: 132
  9. Post a picture of your Stats:
  10. List every clan/team you have ever been apart of and why you have departed them (You MUST post reasons):
    Frozen Fury - My First Clan Experience, Diden't know what Multi Clanning was at the time, i was Stupid and i was probably 12 or 13.
    Brutality - Was in Brutality for like 2weeks, Was there for the 12hour war with RoT, Left later..
    Genocide - Small team based off FF members - Was a Trail Member, And Left.
    Killorgy - A small TEAM, only thing i got from em was learning now to tank.
    QUIT Runescape FOR A WHILE....
    RP - Joined RP, Since they were on The RISE when i came back to RS, I later left For RoT.
    RoT - Was a 2Month Intro or So, Was Declined, For Flaming Pitty Clans (FF), I Don't Think it Matter Now Lo, Also For keeping PM on a few times at Massing world.
    RoT - Reapplied, and Told Mattbrazil_2 to take it Out, Due to me having a Low bank, and my 10m Bank wasent supporting RoT, in the way i was hoping it would.
    IF - GmT based clan, Kicked for Spying?? Lol?
    TT - Introed To TT, Got Declined, "Not the clan for me".
  11. Post a picture showing all of the Required Gear needed (Failure to post ALL of the Required gear will get your Introduction locked instantly):
  12. Do you have any P2P & F2P Multi experience?:
  13. What is your IRC name?:
  14. Do you hang out/PK with any other groups of friends? this includes IRC channels, Ventrilo/TS teams, if so list all of them:
    #RoT, #Candy, #Gunit, #bank-loot, #Mfoust, #Johny
    Why do you want to join RoT? (At least 75 words):
    During My Time in RoT about 2months ago, I loved the community, I loved the Intensity, I loved the Spamming, I loved the Officials, I miss all of it, Including the friends i had in RoT, and The New ppl i met in RoT, I was a 2Month or So Intro, i was Declined, For reasons i know not to do EVER again, I know what RoT needs and I'm Willing to do that, I miss you RoT, and i want to do it all over again till the End, No leaving for me this time EVER, i want RoT to be my BEST and LAST clans experience EVER RoT Till I DIE.. Thank You.
  15. Do you know any RoT members? if so who and for how long:
    Christy - over 2 years.
    Desire` - Like 4months or more - My time in RoT.
    Anoobis30 - Known for like 1Year or so - FF
    kingdom1292 - 1 Year - FF
    If i forgot you, leave a message ill add u in.
  16. The usage of TS and IRC is mandatory at all times when online in RoT, is there anything that limits your ability to use TS/IRC?:
    Ill use it all the time.
  17. Please provide a cropped picture of your TS3 & IRC Client(s):
  18. Do you have a microphone? (If so, do you plan on using it):
  19. Have you Read The Rules and agree to follow them?:
    I've Read the Rules and I agree to follow them. I will take full responsibility for my actions and if I am to break any of the rules, I accept any Punishment I receive.
  20. Have you Read This topic?:
  21. Any Additional Comments:



EDIT: At Murs - Working On It, I'm not one of them lucky stakers :3

EDIT; At Fuh Teach me how to stake, Apparently Andrew Gower hates me.

EdiT; At Ludadogg0 - Got declined "Not Right clan for me since i was in RoT, and was possible RoT spy, and Yes i love my sig to :D

EdiT; Sorry, Jimmy Diden't know that was You/Friend, Just wanted to make some Money since Free trade was Back, But i have returned ur money, Sorry about this.


EDIT; Adamm Stop lying now, it was a firecape first of all, And i offered to PAY to get it back, and now..

<vesta_bong> Yds-


vesta_bong is ~vesta_bon@Swift-78858D63.nc.res.rr.com * Iloveadam

vesta_bong on @#spazunit @#johny +#rot @#SIR-2 @#paz @#LT1 @#thepals

vesta_bong using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network

vesta_bong has identified for this nick

vesta_bong has been idle 1sec, signed on Mon Feb 14 11:51:58

vesta_bong End of /WHOIS list.


<vesta_bong> give me 20m and I won't tell people to post bad shit about you.

<Yds-> LOL?

Edited by Taylor Gang

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You're going to have a hard time getting in here with what happened in the past I think. Intro'ing to TT didn't really help you. You've been my friend for years though and I know that whatever clan you try to be a part of you'll put in 100% at every fight. Don't leave this time before you make it in. Keep trying even if you get declined. Also work on building your sets up more & train your def.


Good luck Jorge, you know where to find me.


Edit: Glad you paid Jimmy back, I know you wouldn't have scammed anyone RoT related anyways and you didn't know it was his friend to begin with lol.

Edited by Christy

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good luck dont have anything against you

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Good Lucky pal


e: was woundering who o ruined was, saw u last night

Edited by Reddevil159

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I don't have a problem against you, but are you sure your bank can support it now?

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Good luck, fagget :P

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Amazing sig....


But introing to TT then coming here after getting declined..?

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by the looks of it your bank still hasnt changed much for the better


gl i guess

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go away lol.

fuck off

Edited by Barbus12

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No you scammed me for 10m and refused to pay me back. Go fuck yourself pixel hungry idiot

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haha i'm just playing i know you can be a good fit here. it might take some time, but work on it and prove everyone wrong.

Edited by Eazy

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