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Why Dee Ess

#6: Jay/YDS FA to RoT

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Why Dee Ess

1. RuneScape Name:

O Ruined O


2. Your Introduction Link:



3. Please post pictures of every event you have attended so far (It is normal to not have attended any until this point, if this is your case then edit pictures in as you go):






4. Post a picture showing all of the Required gear needed:





- I Know my sets are not the Best, I have a friend who will be staking for me since apparently He's the luckiest Staker, and i have Horrible Luck.

5. Why do you want to join RoT? What do you feel you could add to the clan (At least 75 words):

During My Time in RoT about 2months ago, I loved the community, I loved the Intensity, I loved the Spamming, I loved the Officials, I miss all of it, Including the friends i had in RoT, and The New ppl i met in RoT, I was a 2Month or So Intro, i was Declined, For reasons i know not to do EVER again, I know what RoT needs and I'm Willing to do that, I miss you RoT, and i want to do it all over again till the End, No leaving for me this time EVER, i want RoT to be my BEST and LAST clans experience EVER RoT Till I DIE.. Thank You.


6. List your Referral(s):

Christy - Known for about 2+ Years, Very Good Friend.

Desire` - Known Since RoT B4 - About 4+ Months.

Anoobis30 - He is a New Member, but i have my others up there^, He's listed incase :3 - Known for about 1-2Years.



7. Did you know anyone in RoT before Introducing yourself? If so, who:









8. Do you agree to follow all the rules throughout your Applicant period:

Yes i do.


9. Additional Comments:

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on IRC (My IRC nick is Yds-).

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