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VR - Craigberry11 AKA Dragon General

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Log started: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 15:43:40 Central Standard Time

(21:43:40) <Craiggg> chelsea won 2-0

(21:44:21) <Kayla> bayern won 2-0 too

(21:44:50) <Craiggg> happy

(21:46:05) <Kayla> me too

(21:46:51) <Craiggg> ye good shit

(21:48:38) <Craiggg> least 1 of ur teams wins

(21:48:47) <Kayla> mine always does

(21:48:51) <Kayla> unlike yours

(21:49:08) <Craiggg> u lost last time

(21:49:19) <Craiggg> when u was guna getur own tent pitched

(21:49:23) <Craiggg> then uu lost

(21:51:40) <Kayla> you know how to find bob the cat

(21:53:22) <Craiggg> get a random

(22:02:49) <Kayla> figured it out smart ass

(22:03:23) <Craiggg> what u need that for

(22:18:31) <Kayla> the new quest

(22:18:35) <Kayla> was afk soz

(22:19:02) <Craiggg> oo gl

(22:19:15) <Kayla> ty

(22:19:19) <Kayla> doubt i finish tonight

(22:19:41) <Craiggg> maybe

(22:19:53) <Kayla> too long and too tired been a long few days

(22:20:48) <Craiggg> u taking that loss bad

(22:21:01) <Kayla> dork

(22:21:09) <Craiggg> lol

(22:26:40) <Kayla> http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/889/110914222551.png

(22:26:43) <Kayla> great assholes

(22:26:49) <Kayla> now i need to go get a new catspeak

(22:26:51) <Kayla> laugh i tup

(22:27:31) <Craiggg> rofl

(22:27:39) <Kayla> least i looked sexy

(22:28:14) <Kayla> and my last slay task was great elite clue, 2 whip vines

(22:28:17) <Kayla> nice task

(22:28:25) <Craiggg> u get them pkers excited

(22:30:17) <Craiggg> whats tup mean

(22:30:27) <Kayla> tup?

(22:30:38) <Craiggg> u said laugh i tup

(22:30:47) <Kayla> it up

(22:31:05) <Craiggg> o thought u was threats

(22:31:38) <Craiggg> giving*

(22:31:40) <Kayla> what you still doing up anyways

(22:31:53) <Craiggg> hungry

(22:32:02) <Craiggg> not tired

(22:32:40) <Craiggg> guna go in a few

(22:33:50) <Kayla> i kinda got the munchies

(22:34:55) <Craiggg> ye ima go build a tent

(22:35:19) <Kayla> dont have it cave in

(22:35:54) <Craiggg> it will after im done

(22:37:00) <Kayla> horney chav

(22:37:35) <Craiggg> what i do

(22:37:42) <Kayla> pitching tents

(22:38:14) <Craiggg> u wud if u cud

(22:38:41) <Kayla> pitching tents has to be awkward

(22:38:55) <Craiggg> why

(22:39:18) <Kayla> you should solve your hardon first

(22:39:29) <Kayla> blue balls are uncomfy

(22:40:09) <Craiggg> its not hard but good advice

(22:40:17) <Kayla> your welcome

(22:40:49) <Kayla> i cant find dumb bob

(22:41:05) <Craiggg> i thought u did

(22:41:30) <Kayla> no pkers got to me and hand to replace cat speak lol and then you started your tent pitching plans

(22:41:39) <Kayla> and like predicted, its a caved in tent

(22:42:27) <Craiggg> no its up

(22:42:40) <Kayla> really?

(22:42:52) <Kayla> holding it up with a toothpick?

(22:42:59) <Craiggg> funnny l

(22:43:14) <Kayla> hilarious, you said its not hard so must be a toothpick

(22:43:39) <Craiggg> its pitched

(22:44:06) <Kayla> then you retract your statement about limpyness

(22:44:25) <Craiggg> i didnt say that u did

(22:44:47) <Kayla> you didnt say what

(22:45:02) <Craiggg> im limp

(22:45:48) <Kayla> oh well you said not hard, that means limp

(22:46:16) <Craiggg> that was then

(22:46:28) <Kayla> oh i see working fast chav

(22:46:51) <Craiggg> lol

(22:47:31) <Craiggg> a good image can do that

(22:47:56) <Kayla> watching porn?

(22:48:17) <Craiggg> nah l

(22:48:28) <Kayla> then what is this image you are talking of

(22:48:59) <Craiggg> somethin u said b4

(22:49:32) <Kayla> give me a hint

(22:49:45) <Craiggg> sitting in a thong

(22:50:05) <Kayla> me in a thong still in your mind aye?

(22:50:20) <Craiggg> lol

(22:50:33) <Kayla> you blushing?

(22:50:44) <Craiggg> maybe

(22:51:05) <Kayla> cute lol red or black?

(22:51:43) <Craiggg> red

(22:52:28) <Kayla> lace or silk

(22:52:47) <Craiggg> notsure

(22:52:53) <Kayla> combo

(22:53:20) <Craiggg> a tiny 1

(22:53:35) <Kayla> a big one would fall off me ;p

(22:53:53) <Craiggg> i mean like skimpy

(22:54:34) <Kayla> i know, messing ;p

(22:55:07) <Craiggg> off isnt bad though

(22:55:44) <Kayla> you would have to do that

(22:56:16) <Craiggg> wouldnt mind

(22:56:53) <Kayla> how would you go about it

(22:57:21) <Craiggg> slowly

(22:57:59) <Kayla> well be creative,

(22:58:09) <Kayla> multiple ways to take it off

(22:58:46) <Craiggg> how wud u want it taken off

(22:58:50) <Kayla> how are your boxers doing chav?

(22:59:21) <Craiggg> lil leak

(22:59:46) <Kayla> messy chav

(23:00:16) <Craiggg> thats nothing yt

(23:01:01) <Kayla> and maybe move them aside then let your mouth do the rest? what you think?

(23:01:24) <Craiggg> sounds good

(23:02:52) <Kayla> would feel even better

(23:03:13) <Craiggg> i bet

(23:03:39) <Kayla> you start this convo and got quiet, working on your tent?

(23:04:23) <Craiggg> i think its fully pitched

(23:04:56) <Kayla> wanna tell me what you thinking about

(23:05:17) <Craiggg> thong image

(23:05:38) <Kayla> and what are we doing in your imagination

(23:06:01) <Craiggg> nothing yet

(23:06:03) <Craiggg> just the image

(23:06:35) <Kayla> what would you want to do

(23:06:59) <Craiggg> lots but its 5am

(23:07:22) <Kayla> and you are hungry

(23:07:46) <Craiggg> im going bed no food

(23:07:49) <Kayla> piggy oops i mean horney piggy and your mom is probably about to wake up for work and walk in on you

(23:07:59) <Kayla> with your tent, it be awkward

(23:08:02) <Craiggg> ye lol

(23:08:51) <Craiggg> its more like just the pole

(23:09:01) <Kayla> well i guess good night, and think of me tonight while you stroke it?

(23:09:45) <Craiggg> who said i wasnt already

(23:09:55) <Kayla> true

(23:10:21) <Kayla> then you can tell me about it later what we did in your imagination ;p

(23:10:35) <Craiggg> will end up messy

(23:11:09) <Kayla> youre always messy

(23:11:28) <Craiggg> clean me

(23:11:37) <Kayla> shower? wanna?

(23:11:47) <Craiggg> ye

(23:11:50) <Kayla> you can think of that <3

(23:12:17) <Craiggg> wat am i thinking

(23:12:50) <Kayla> well you are thinking thong, messy being cleaned and then you can add to it of showering for a happy ending

(23:13:09) <Craiggg> sounds good l

(23:13:31) <Kayla> =]

(23:13:50) <Craiggg> k imgoing

(23:14:16) <Kayla> ok chav

(23:14:19) <Craiggg> night

(23:14:25) <Kayla> have sweet dreams and im sure you will

(23:14:32) <Kayla> good night

(23:14:46) <Craiggg> u mean messy

(23:14:50) <Kayla> that too

(23:14:59) <Craiggg> all over l

(23:15:54) <Craiggg> kk bye#

(23:15:56) <Kayla> remember, shower ;p

(23:16:00) <Kayla> nite

(23:16:28) <Craiggg> or ur mouth to clean


Log ended: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 19:27:14 Central Standard Time



Log started: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 11:03:17 Central Standard Time

(17:03:17) <Kayla> how was your morning

(17:03:42) <Craiggg> not bad urs?

(17:03:54) <Kayla> busy busy

(17:04:05) <Kayla> but as i recall you had business to attend

(17:04:49) <Craiggg> i think all business was attended

(17:05:20) <Kayla> hard to sleep if your blanket is lifted

(17:05:40) <Craiggg> was handled b4 i got in bed

(17:05:53) <Kayla> oh really?

(17:06:01) <Craiggg> yes

(17:06:04) <Kayla> was a thong involved?

(17:06:23) <Craiggg> it was

(17:07:29) <Kayla> mine?

(17:07:45) <Craiggg> dont get me started!

(17:07:59) <Kayla> why not

(17:08:11) <Craiggg> tryna runescape

(17:08:28) <Kayla> i wont distract you with my thing then

(17:08:44) <Craiggg> so kind

(17:08:52) <Kayla> lol

(17:08:56) <Kayla> what you doing on scape

(17:09:06) <Craiggg> mining

(17:09:12) <Kayla> such a skiller

(17:09:23) <Craiggg> need for new quest

(17:09:32) <Kayla> i need to finish my quest tonight, so no thongs for you

(17:09:38) <Kayla> so control your tent

(17:09:46) <Craiggg> lol

(17:09:49) <Craiggg> il try

(17:10:00) <Craiggg> il sort it out if its a problem

(17:10:25) <Kayla> well it seems embedded in your memory, so you can work with that

(17:10:39) <Craiggg> lol

(17:11:45) <Kayla> do you have the requirements for the new quest

(17:11:53) <Craiggg> not yet

(17:11:56) <Craiggg> getting mining now

(17:15:51) <Craiggg> mine as in mining

(17:16:07) <Kayla> i knew that nub

(17:17:32) <Kayla> 17:15:51) <Craiggg> mine as in mining

(17:17:32) <Kayla> (17:16:07) <Kayla> i knew that nub

(17:18:13) <Craiggg> wb

(17:18:38) <Kayla> ty

(17:19:23) <Craiggg> what happend power cut from charging ur rabbit

(17:20:04) <Kayla> oh i see you remember my rabbit

(17:22:06) <Craiggg> lol


Log ended: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 11:29:37 Central Standard Time


Log started: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 04:55:23 Central Standard Time

(10:55:23) <Kayla> oh i see how its gonna be again aight play time

(10:55:54) <Craiggg> dont involve me in ur shit then

(10:55:56) <Craiggg> its so boring now

(10:56:09) <Craiggg> u just cant help it but carry on

(10:56:24) <Kayla> excuse me? no one was even talking to you you been starting shit with everyone in irc the entire time for no reason today

(10:57:00) <Craiggg> i said something to caddy then u join in

(10:57:16) <Kayla> i said lol but ya know its aight play time

(10:57:19) <Kayla> dont regret it

(10:57:31) <Craiggg> regret what

(10:57:46) <Craiggg> threaten me again

(10:57:54) <Kayla> i dont make threats

(10:58:23) <Craiggg> no u just act like a petty kid

(10:58:25) <Craiggg> grow the fuck up

(10:58:52) <Kayla> shhhhh......talks over, actions

(10:59:09) <Craiggg> ight il see what ************ thinks about u

(10:59:33) <Kayla> im sure daddy be proud

(10:59:52) <Craiggg> id ruin ur rl

(11:00:03) <Kayla> yes like you could

(11:00:04) <Craiggg> so try me

(11:00:17) <Craiggg> i got so much shit on u

(11:00:24) <Craiggg> but i been staying out

(11:00:36) <Craiggg> but uwnna drag me in fine

(11:00:45) <Craiggg> shit ends today

(11:00:58) <Kayla> sweetheart you have nothing you are a 22 year old living at home with mommy with social anciety wanking it to random chicks on the internet for years

(11:01:13) <Kayla> im so shacking and in 10 years you will still do the exact same thing

(11:01:30) <Craiggg> im nothing yet ur the 1 who pretends to b some1 else

(11:01:44) <Craiggg> ******* and ******* arent ur brother n sister

(11:01:52) <Craiggg> iv known all about u

(11:01:58) <Craiggg> ur a chronic liar

(11:02:01) <Kayla> oh you got a facebook of someone my dad knows, thats so much

(11:02:15) <Craiggg> lol u can pretend all u want

(11:02:22) <Kayla> you have a fantasy and that is all you have

(11:02:34) <Craiggg> i have the truth

(11:03:07) <Kayla> you have nothing but a little made up story in your head

(11:03:30) <Craiggg> i have plenty trust me

(11:03:42) <Craiggg> we wasnt even on bad terms but u wnna carry on

(11:04:33) <Kayla> oh me lol

(11:04:39) <Kayla> you sit in irc

(11:04:45) <Kayla> calling us gay having a normal convo

(11:04:49) <Kayla> talk shit none stip

(11:04:51) <Kayla> stop

(11:04:52) <Craiggg> did u not just pm me threatening me

(11:04:53) <Kayla> i say LOL

(11:04:59) <Kayla> and you wanna start shot?

(11:05:01) <Kayla> shit*

(11:05:09) <Kayla> and im the one starting shit?

(11:06:22) <Craiggg> ye vr isnt what it was

(11:06:23) <Craiggg> annoying

(11:07:45) <Kayla> ye anytime someone isnt kikssing your ass vr isnt what it was

(11:07:50) <Kayla> we werent baiting you

(11:07:54) <Kayla> we werent talking about bella

(11:08:06) <Kayla> me mystical and will were talking to eachother about nothing bad

(11:08:11) <Kayla> nothing directed at you

(11:08:14) <Kayla> nothing negative

(11:08:19) <Kayla> minding our own business

(11:08:31) <Kayla> and the entire time you tried so hard to bait with 'gay talk'

(11:08:46) <Craiggg> i was being honest

(11:09:01) <Kayla> then its my turn to be honest too i guess

(11:09:13) <Craiggg> yes lets b honest

(11:09:15) <Kayla> because obviously Im not allowed to chat with my friends in irc

(11:09:18) <Craiggg> lets show eevryone who ureally r

(11:09:22) <Kayla> i will when bella gets on i gues

(11:09:25) <Craiggg> wasnt about u

(11:09:26) <Kayla> me n her gonna have a chat

(11:09:29) <Kayla> and honest time then

(11:09:36) <Craiggg> interesting

(11:09:44) <Kayla> you said be honest

(11:09:52) <Craiggg> be honest then

(11:09:56) <Craiggg> i aint scared of u

(11:10:04) <Craiggg> u wnna start shit wiv me

(11:10:05) <Kayla> think im scared of you?

(11:10:05) <Craiggg> then fine

(11:10:10) <Kayla> i didnt start jack shit

(11:10:14) <Craiggg> do i care no

(11:10:16) <Craiggg> ye u did

(11:10:23) <Craiggg> what have i done to u

(11:10:24) <Kayla> i was having a simple ass conversation in irc with my friends

(11:10:30) <Kayla> til you started your shit again

(11:10:38) <Craiggg> cuz i say dont b gay u go threatening me?

(11:10:39) <Kayla> oh you dont even know kayla

(11:10:44) <Craiggg> hows that work

(11:10:55) <Kayla> you you senile

(11:11:00) <Kayla> serious?

(11:11:04) <Kayla> you kidding me?

(11:11:09) <Craiggg> what?

(11:11:18) <Kayla> cant believe im even having this explain this

(11:11:42) <Craiggg> w/e then

(11:11:55) <Craiggg> make bella dump me its what u always wanted

(11:12:00) <Kayla> not really

(11:12:06) <Kayla> because i have zero interesst in you

(11:12:17) <Craiggg> so whats that all about then

(11:12:30) <Kayla> and i think you two belong to eachother you are equally messed up

(11:12:43) <Craiggg> rich coming from u

(11:12:54) <Craiggg> like i dont rememebr the stories of ur fucked up life

(11:12:55) <Kayla> its about you two thinking you both can do whatever the fuck you want and everyone else your little bitches

(11:12:56) <Kayla> wrong

(11:13:01) <Kayla> no ones your bitch

(11:13:13) <Kayla> at least I have a life craig

(11:13:30) <Kayla> aside from sitting at home collecting unemployment

(11:13:32) <Craiggg> EL

(11:13:41) <Craiggg> someone knows nothing about me

(11:13:52) <Kayla> or in bellas case smoking pot killing mommys deaths inheritence momey away

(11:14:08) <Craiggg> so this is how ur guna b

(11:14:12) <Craiggg> cheap shit

(11:14:12) <Craiggg> ight

(11:14:16) <Kayla> same shit

(11:14:23) <Kayla> you wanna call my life pathetic?

(11:14:26) <Kayla> i can do the same

(11:14:30) <Kayla> an eye for an eye

(11:14:32) <Craiggg> who went there first?

(11:14:34) <Craiggg> u did moron

(11:14:36) <Kayla> you know me long enough

(11:14:53) <Kayla> Im not going to apologize for your balls being to small to keep up

(11:15:03) <Kayla> like i said before

(11:15:12) <Kayla> you started in irc no me

(11:15:18) <Kayla> i said lol to caddy

(11:15:21) <Kayla> thats all i said

(11:15:24) <Kayla> a simple LOL

(11:15:30) <Craiggg> no

(11:15:32) <Kayla> after you baiting and baiting and baiting

(11:16:00) <Kayla> you want to go out and start with 'kayla isnt her name you dont even know who she is' blah blah

(11:16:13) <Kayla> so no, i didnt start shit

(11:16:14) <Craiggg> cuz hes annoying

(11:16:27) <Kayla> i dont care if he is annoying you or not

(11:16:35) <Kayla> that your and his issue

(11:17:15) <Craiggg> do what u gotta do then

(11:17:35) <Kayla> sure thing

(11:19:45) <Craiggg> and if u think a convo of u tryna cyber me wud affect us

(11:19:47) <Craiggg> then ur wrong

(11:19:50) <Craiggg> il post that shit public

(11:20:04) <Kayla> shall see

(11:20:12) <Craiggg> we shall

(11:20:14) <Craiggg> il post it right now

(11:20:17) <Craiggg> so every1 can see

(11:20:42) <Kayla> ok guess i will get the screenies out now then?

(11:20:56) <Craiggg> arent u already

(11:21:00) <Craiggg> u came threatening me

(11:21:02) <Craiggg> wiv ur pathetic shit

(11:22:08) <Craiggg> ur so fucked up

(11:22:31) <Kayla> insults lol

(11:22:56) <Craiggg> it makes u happy tryna fuck wiv other people

(11:23:05) <Craiggg> n u have the nerve to talk shit bout my life

(11:23:08) <Kayla> you answer first

(11:23:16) <Kayla> you do it daily

(11:23:17) <Craiggg> answer what

(11:23:29) <Craiggg> do what daily

(11:23:35) <Craiggg> we wasnt even on bad terms

(11:23:40) <Craiggg> it was what it was

(11:24:08) <Craiggg> hardly even took notice of each other

(11:24:15) <Kayla> til you started fucking with me today

(11:24:31) <Kayla> and i knew that day would come

(11:24:45) <Craiggg> wasnt meant to b like that

(11:24:57) <Kayla> oh rly do enlighten me

(11:25:04) <Kayla> 'kayla isnt even her name blah blah

(11:25:15) <Kayla> ye thats meant in a nice gentle friendship way

(11:25:16) <Craiggg> was out of line

(11:25:22) <Craiggg> no

(11:25:24) <Craiggg> i meant

(11:25:30) <Craiggg> nvm dont matter

(11:25:36) <Kayla> and still accusing me of your bullshit

(11:25:46) <Craiggg> cuz u came at me like that

(11:25:51) <Craiggg> u think im b like

(11:25:53) <Craiggg> oh ok kayla

(11:25:56) <Kayla> i said lol

(11:26:00) <Kayla> thats all i said

(11:26:04) <Craiggg> no when u pmd me

(11:26:20) <Kayla> ye you think imma say oh thanks craig sweet of you

(11:26:25) <Kayla> after what you said in irc

(11:26:30) <Craiggg> u called me gay

(11:26:40) <Kayla> no i didnt i said lol

(11:26:44) <Kayla> you called us gay

(11:26:50) <Kayla> scroll irc up

(11:26:50) <Craiggg> u did the ^ thing

(11:26:55) <Craiggg> i did

(11:26:57) <Kayla> ^^ thats a emote

(11:27:10) <Kayla> closed eyes face emote do it on forums

(11:27:17) <Craiggg> no it means u agree wiv the above line

(11:27:18) <Kayla> a smiley face comes up

(11:27:29) <Craiggg> well i didnt know that

(11:27:34) <Kayla> ^ thats agree with above line

(11:27:58) <Craiggg> k i got it wrong then

(11:28:08) <Kayla> yep

(11:28:33) <Craiggg> u still wana try fuck me over though

(11:29:08) <Kayla> what i want craig

(11:29:11) <Kayla> is my damn peace

(11:29:19) <Craiggg> dont we all

(11:29:24) <Kayla> being able to enjoy irc, forums, vr in peace

(11:29:33) <Kayla> without constant bullshit, power abuse and pms

(11:29:35) <Craiggg> but u still post snide remarks

(11:29:46) <Kayla> i still get snide remarks

(11:30:01) <Craiggg> i dnt post anything to do wiv u

(11:30:12) <Kayla> and dont you deny it, hence when you asked me about it and asked me to ignore it and ignore it and i did and i asked you to ask her to stop

(11:30:12) <Craiggg> i dont care for the drama

(11:30:35) <Craiggg> u both use to ye

(11:31:03) <Craiggg> its ruining every1s time in vr

(11:31:10) <Kayla> just like the other day in irc

(11:31:22) <Craiggg> when

(11:31:39) <Kayla> the mageboy sig, auto assuming i gave him it, i totally had forgotten about the sig, til he linked me to it and told me he stole it off rsc

(11:31:59) <Craiggg> what am i meant to think

(11:32:03) <Craiggg> i didnt have the sig anywhere

(11:32:06) <Craiggg> i didnt know ustill did

(11:32:20) <Kayla> yep cause i lost my access over my move

(11:32:32) <Kayla> so it never got removed from rsc

(11:32:38) <Kayla> coulda asked me

(11:32:41) <Craiggg> i didnt know that

(11:32:45) <Craiggg> n since ur all freindly wiv them

(11:35:09) <Craiggg> wasnt even a big deal i wasnt bothered about it

(11:35:17) <Craiggg> he can be a pretender all he wants

(11:35:20) <Kayla> i thought it was funny when he showed me

(11:35:24) <Kayla> its a old meaningless sig

(11:35:32) <Kayla> he can do with it what he wants for all i care

(11:35:56) <Craiggg> all i said was u probly gave him it

(11:36:04) <Kayla> i forgot it existed and only wanted to know where he had it from when i saw it

(11:37:10) <Craiggg> was only way i thought he cuda got it

(11:37:22) <Kayla> i couldnt figure out how he got it til he told me

(11:37:36) <Kayla> cuz i hvent seen tmo in forever to get me a new rsc pass

(11:37:46) <Kayla> or account or whatever

(11:37:59) <Craiggg> its not like i got mad at u over it

(11:38:20) <Kayla> didnt know he was using it on rsc til sol told me lol

(11:38:25) <Kayla> thought he just made it for fun

(11:38:40) <Kayla> cuz hes ideling in the one irc channel

(11:38:44) <Kayla> but we dont constantly chat

(11:38:53) <Craiggg> he tryna b like me or something

(11:39:02) <Craiggg> using dragon general aswell

(11:39:07) <Kayla> more like trying to make fun of you i think

(11:39:22) <Craiggg> but it died out ages ago

(11:39:33) <Craiggg> dragon general is nothing now

(11:39:42) <Kayla> but ppl remember it

(11:39:59) <Craiggg> wud b better if i knew who the guy was

(11:40:17) <Kayla> dont know

(11:40:26) <Craiggg> i only called myself that as a joke anyway

(11:41:06) <Kayla> some things in rs dont die

(11:41:32) <Craiggg> thats not even the issue though idc bout him or what he does

(11:44:23) <Craiggg> u said u dont want drama but u wanan try make more

(11:46:24) <Kayla> i told you what i want

(11:46:51) <Craiggg> idno what u want

(11:47:01) <Kayla> peace be left alone

(11:47:03) <Kayla> by you

(11:47:05) <Kayla> and her

(11:47:11) <Kayla> and i will do the same

(11:47:17) <Craiggg> so hows this going to help?

(11:47:32) <Kayla> if everyone leaves eachother alone shit should be peaveful

(11:47:34) <Kayla> peaceful

(11:48:20) <Craiggg> thats what everyone wants but it never seems to happen

(11:49:10) <Kayla> because bella thinks she can do whatever she wants, bait how she pleases because of you and shes right. lol you even move trashed topics back out for her viewing pleasure

(11:49:51) <Craiggg> u cant say its just her

(11:50:03) <Kayla> mostly yes

(11:50:10) <Craiggg> how is it

(11:50:28) <Craiggg> i seen some of the post s u make

(11:50:34) <Kayla> because i refrain the ever living hell out of myself until i get too fed up

(11:50:38) <Craiggg> b4 shes even replied to a topic

(11:51:31) <Kayla> and in all seriousness, not everything, no matter how you all like to believe it, is about you, her or the both of you

(11:51:43) <Kayla> even if you guys might in some way relate to it

(11:52:19) <Craiggg> i dont relate anything to me

(11:52:30) <Craiggg> i really dont care whats posted unless its directly aimed at me

(11:52:35) <Craiggg> like craig is a bitch

(11:52:38) <Craiggg> or something like that

(11:52:38) <Kayla> saying because there were some posts i was accused of

(11:52:45) <Kayla> that it was a bella bait

(11:52:47) <Kayla> and i was like wtf

(11:52:54) <Kayla> i wasnt even thinking of her -.-

(11:53:09) <Kayla> some yes

(11:53:11) <Kayla> some no

(11:55:36) <Craiggg> idno y u guys even hate each other

(11:55:43) <Craiggg> cept cuz of me i guess

(11:55:51) <Kayla> i think i got a valid reason

(11:56:00) <Craiggg> whats that

(11:56:02) <Kayla> her? i dont know

(11:56:16) <Kayla> i know for fact you guys had your thing before we were officially broken uo

(11:56:18) <Kayla> up*

(11:56:43) <Kayla> but, i didnt go and move in on her dude while she was moving

(11:56:50) <Kayla> so dunno why she hates me

(11:56:54) <Kayla> but there is logs of her

(11:57:00) <Kayla> telling people explaining it was ok

(11:57:03) <Kayla> because i was moving

(11:57:09) <Kayla> and didnt call and text you much

(11:57:10) <Kayla> lol

(11:57:27) <Craiggg> wasnt her fault though

(11:57:30) <Craiggg> id b more to blame

(11:58:27) <Kayla> well you are to blame because your comitment was to me, not hers, but shows her shitty ass character as well. so yea, no love for her from me

(11:58:44) <Kayla> think thats kinda natral

(11:59:04) <Kayla> then theres logs of her to ppl 'omg i just trolled kayala and how much she hates me etc lol yet no one knows why

(11:59:06) <Craiggg> its been so long though

(11:59:11) <Kayla> but she sure loves to talk

(11:59:45) <Kayla> and take it or leave it

(11:59:54) <Kayla> i dont pm ppl with OMG Bella this n criag that

(11:59:58) <Kayla> i talked to ruler

(11:59:59) <Kayla> jack

(12:00:05) <Kayla> my two close friends

(12:00:08) <Kayla> hell ye i have

(12:00:23) <Kayla> tigers, recently when we started talking i have yes

(12:00:33) <Craiggg> well i dont expect every1 to be freinds

(12:01:02) <Kayla> but she is doing her fair share pming ppl sharing 'the/her story' about me/you/her lol

(12:01:09) <Kayla> why? i dunno

(12:02:21) <Craiggg> idno she dont want this to carry on either

(12:02:33) <Kayla> im not rly buying it

(12:02:43) <Craiggg> why?

(12:02:45) <Kayla> i kinda think she enjoys it

(12:02:54) <Craiggg> she dont

(12:04:51) <Craiggg> its boring

(12:05:04) <Kayla> yup that it is

(12:05:10) <Kayla> and like on days like today

(12:05:15) <Kayla> its a pesty annoyance

(12:05:59) <Craiggg> why whats today

(12:06:13) <Kayla> was in a good mood just wanting to chill and relax

(12:06:33) <Kayla> not deal with this bs

(12:06:56) <Craiggg> il let u go chill then

(12:14:40) <Craiggg> its ur choice

(12:14:52) <Kayla> ok

(12:15:22) <Craiggg> she will be on soon u can tell her what u want

(12:16:15) <Craiggg> but as i see it

(12:16:24) <Craiggg> this is done unless someone else does something

(12:19:35) <Craiggg> dont try n threaten me again though

(12:22:25) <Craiggg> u got anything else to say


Log ended: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 08:07:41 Central Standard Time


Log started: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 12:22:12 Central Standard Time

(18:22:12) <Craiggg> so i tried to cyber wiv u ?

(18:28:58) <Kayla> theres no end with you today is there

(18:29:13) <Craiggg> well thats what u been saying to people

(18:29:21) <Kayla> show me logs

(18:29:22) <Craiggg> i thought u didnt want drama

(18:29:38) <Craiggg> (00:20) · Evizu · y do they think u tried 2 cyber wiv kayla last week

(18:29:40) <Kayla> told evizu i got logs

(18:29:56) <Craiggg> liek i dont have logs of it?

(18:30:08) <Kayla> good then we have double

(18:30:09) <Craiggg> and who was trying

(18:30:11) <Craiggg> cuz it wasnt me

(18:30:14) <Craiggg> it was u

(18:30:23) <Craiggg> i said i aint going there

(18:30:31) <Kayla> sec

(18:30:46) <Craiggg> idc to see them

(18:30:51) <Craiggg> i thought u didnt want drama

(18:31:56) <Kayla> well theres 16 screenshots since screenshots dont lie and logs so dont twist my words

(18:32:23) <Kayla> i didnt PM you the rest of the day, you just PMd me AGAIN while we should both be ignoring eachother

(18:32:37) <Craiggg> cuz ur syaing i tied to cyber u

(18:33:17) <Kayla> nope i said i got logs

(18:33:56) <Craiggg> (00:20) · Evizu · y do they think u tried 2 cyber wiv kayla last week

(18:33:59) <Craiggg> they

(18:34:02) <Craiggg> as in more then 1 person

(18:34:10) <Kayla> thats evizu lol he didnt talk to me until just now

(18:34:15) <Kayla> and i dont type for other ppl

(18:35:01) <Craiggg> so what u pmd evizu saying ur guna try fuck me over

(18:36:02) <Kayla> i pmd him our conversation this morning

(18:37:31) <Craiggg> ok

(18:38:54) <Craiggg> (00:38) · Evizu · who do u think

(18:38:54) <Craiggg> (00:38) · Evizu · them two

(18:39:30) <Kayla> its kinda funny you pming me evizu and evizu is pming me you

(18:39:57) <Craiggg> well isnt he trying to sort it

(18:40:56) <Craiggg> it was over from my side but now u try n say this shit

(18:40:58) <Craiggg> so out of order

(18:42:19) <Kayla> im out of order? no one seen a log or screenie yet well evizu just did

(18:42:32) <Kayla> he just seen a date and the harmless beginning just chit chat

(18:42:40) <Kayla> havent shown a soul yet but he keeps asking me about it

(18:42:46) <Kayla> trying to sort it i guess

(18:43:02) <Craiggg> how is it sorting u saying im tryna cyber u

(18:43:37) <Kayla> evizu is asking about those logs, im answering him

(18:45:07) <Craiggg> ye well never pm me again and dont even say my name again

(18:45:24) <Kayla> you typically pm me lol follow your own advice

(18:45:49) <Craiggg> erm u were the 1 who wud pm me

(18:45:51) <Craiggg> liek today

(18:45:58) <Craiggg> when i dont give a fuck

(18:45:59) <Kayla> yes today i have

(18:46:11) <Kayla> problem is, you give to many cyber fucks craig

(18:46:17) <Kayla> thats what got you in this dilema

(18:46:47) <Kayla> so stick to your word

(18:46:53) <Kayla> and things should be good

(18:46:57) <Craiggg> stop pming me then

(18:47:05) <Kayla> deal Bye


Log ended: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 13:27:00 Central Standard Time

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who is that


oh didnt see topic title

Edited by erik

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This would be frowned upon in EoS

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Read the whole thing, my eyes hurt fuck. Craig is a fucking spastic.

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Read a few sentences and got a headache from his stupidity. I'll try to read it in increments over the next couple of years to refrain from massive migraines.

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## pm to spy rofl

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Read the whole thing, my eyes hurt fuck. Craig is a fucking spastic.

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Social anxiety? :grin:

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<+Lolercats> vr sucks, our leaders penis is shaped like a hook


Straight from a vr member.

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