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Greatness is not always determined by how many years you've been in a clan, and it is not always determined by how many ranks you've held. Greatness is the ability to adapt, and overcome.

Dan did just that.

Walking in the door, Dan had little to no experience. He didn't know many members, and he certainly did not have a name for himself. Safe to say, that would change. After a few months in the clan, Dan was promoted to PK Leader and it did not take long until we were certain that we had made the right choice. A talented caller in F2P and P2P, Dan was vital to our success in F2P and in bridging a lot of the gaps in our leadership as many senior officials retired. Dan was very popular among members because of his humor, and was long considered the friendliest official to ever serve in the clan. His ability to lead the clan in and out of the game was what ultimately led him to be appointed as a Captain.

Dan held his Captainship until the day we closed, August 30th 2011.


* Citation Updated on October 1st, 2016

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