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First Round


1. Minnesota Timberwolves - Karl-Anthony Towns, Kentucky

2. Los Angeles Lakers - D'Angelo Russell, Ohio State

3. Philadelphia 76ers - Jahlil Okafor, Duke

4. New York Knicks - Kristaps Porzingis, Latvia

5. Orlando Magic - Mario Hezonja, Croatia

6. Sacramento Kings - Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky

7. Denver Nuggets - Emmanuel Mudiay, Congo

8. Detroit Pistons - Stanley Johnson, Arizona

9. Charlotte Hornets - Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin

10. Miami Heat - Justise Winslow, Duke

11. Indiana Pacers - Myles Turner, Texas

12. Utah Jazz - Trey Lyles, Kentucky

13. Phoenix Suns - Devin Booker, Kentucky

14. Oklahoma City Thunder - Cameron Payne, Murray State

15. Atlanta Hawks (traded to Washington Wizards for Tim Hardaway) - Kelly Oubre Jr., Kansas

16. Boston Celtics - Terry Rozier, Louisville

17. Milwaukee Bucks - Rashad Vaughn, UNLV

18. Houston Rockets - Sam Dekker, Wisconsin

19. Washington Wizards (traded to New York Knicks) - Jerian Grant, Notre Dame

20. Toronto Raptors - Delon Wright, Utah

21. Dallas Mavericks - Justin Anderson, Virginia

22. Chicago Bulls - Bobby Portis, Arkansas

23. Portland Trail Blazers (traded with Steve Blake to Brooklyn Nets for Pat Connaughton, Mason Plumlee) - Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Arizona

24. Cleveland Cavaliers (traded to Minnesota Timberwolves for Cedi Osman and Rakeem Christmas) - Tyus Jones, Duke

25. Memphis Grizzlies - Jarell Martin, LSU

26. San Antonio Spurs - Nikola Milutinov, Serbia

27. Los Angeles Lakers - Larry Nance Jr., Wyoming

28. Boston Celtics - R.J. Hunter, Georgia State

29. Brooklyn Nets - Chris McCullough, Syracuse

30. Golden State Warriors - Kevon Looney, UCLA


Second Round


31. Minnesota Timberwolves (traded with Rakeem Christmas to Cleveland Cavaliers for Tyus Jones)- Cedi Osman, Macedonia

32. Houston Rockets - Montrezl Harrell, Louisville

33. Boston Celtics - Jordan Mickey, LSU

34. Los Angeles Lakers - Anthony Brown, Stanford

35. Minnesota Timberwolves - Willy Hernangómez, Spain

36. Minnesota Timberwolves (traded with Cedi Osman to Cleveland Cavaliers for Tyus Jones) - Rakeem Christmas, Syracuse

37. Philadelphia 76ers - Richaun Holmes, Bowling Green

38. Detroit Pistons - Darrun Hillard, Villanova

39. Charlotte Hornets - Juan Valet, Argentina

40. Miami Heat - Josh Richardson, Tennessee

41. Brooklyn Nets (traded to Portland Trail Blazers with Mason Plumlee for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Steve Blake) - Pat Connaughton, Notre Dame

42. Utah Jazz - Oliver Hanlan, Boston College

43. Indiana Pacers - Joseph Young, Oregon

44. Phoenix Suns - Andrew Harrison, Kentucky

45. Boston Celtics - Marcus Thornton, William & Mary

46. Milwaukee Bucks (traded with a first-round pick to the Toronto Raptors for Greivis Vasquez) - Norman Powell, UCLA

47. Philadelphia 76ers - Arturas Gudaitis, Lithuania

48. Oklahoma City Thunder - Dakari Johnson, Kentucky

49. Washington Wizards - Aaron White, Iowa

50. Atlanta Hawks - Marcus Eriksson, Sweden

51. Orlando Magic - Tyler Harvey, Eastern Washington

52. Dallas Mavericks - Satnam Singh Bhamara, India

53. Cleveland Cavaliers - Sir'Dominic Pointer, St. John's

54. Utah Jazz - Daniel Diez, Spain

55. San Antonio Spurs - Cady Lalanne, Massachusetts

56. New Orleans Hornets - Branden Dawson, Michigan State

57. Denver Nuggets - Nikola Radicevic, Serbia

58. Philadelphia 76ers - J.P. Tokoto, North Carolina

59. Atlanta Hawks - Dimitrios Agravanis, Greece

60. Philadelphia 76ers - Luka Mitrovic, Serbia

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Recently, there have been some enqueries about decent NBA podcasts. And that's understandble: The Bugle did a nosedive after John's HBO gig, How Did This Get Made only comes out every other week and Serial doesn't continue until later this autumn. So some NBA talk will definitely help fill up that crushing emptiness.

Now, I'm not necessarily an expert on this, but I've listened to handful of them and though I'd share some thoughts. People are more than welcome to fill in, offer other opinions or just to insult.

  • The Lowe Post - Grantland's beloved Zach Lowe hosts a variety of guests from analysts, to players, to coaches. Zach is serious about his basketball, so the talk goes pretty deep. The schedule is infrequent, but the output has increased to fill in after the Simmons firing. 100% more love for Croatian basketball than any other podcast.

  • Jalen & Jacoby - Another Grantland show, but less serious. Former player Jalen Rose does a deep dive on champaigning in clubs and the proper baller etiquette. The talk on actual basketball is less substantive and your enjoyment depends on the level of your Jalen fandom. Give the people what they want!

  • NBA After Dark - If a player has been seen fighting in a club or beefing with his coach, the foremost expert of NBA Instagram, Juliet Litman, is here to sort through it. The silliest of the Grantland shows takes a look at the hot rumors around NBA. Sometimes includes actual basketball talk, but always a lot of love for Chandler Parsons.

  • RealGM Radio - A weekly podcast offers a level-headed look around the league by host Daniel Leroux and various guests. A great listen to anyone who actually likes NBA.

  • Dunc'd On Basketball - A daily spin-off of ReaGM offers the same level of seriousness, but also an immaculate knowledge of the CBA, salaries and all that. Hosted by Nate Duncan, who did an AMA a couple of weeks ago. Worth a subscription.

  • Eye On Basketball - In another daily podcast, CBS's Zach Harper and a rotating cast of other writers go through the latest in the league. During the season, they also preview the night's games. Overall, a very pleasant conversation with occasional forays into bad movies and the latest on Tara Reid.

  • The Starters - Formerly called The Basketball Jones, now part of NBA TV. A merry group of four talk basketball in a way that could be described as 'youthful' or 'energetic'. The podcast has two kinds of episodes; the shorter clips are audio versions of their TV show and tend to be a bit over-produced and gimmicky. But the longer version, The Drop, is a proper podcast and even quite good. A word of warning: there's an Australian involved.

  • Hang Time Podcast - Another podcast bankrolled by the league. Hosted by Sekou Smith and for an 'official' podcast is not that bad. Not parroting the PR arms of various teams, but offers actual opinions. Features the Canadian acting legend Rick Fox.

  • NBA Lockdown - Formerly associated with Bruce Bowen, but nowadays features a rotating cast of hosts and guests. In many ways, a somewhat uneven show, but we do hear from the ESPN insiders, be it Stein, Windhorst or Shelburne. It is a decent listen, but it is an ESPN property, so there's a real danger of hot takes.

  • There are also plenty of team-specific podcasts. Many of SB Nation's various team blogs have their own podcasts. Some examples: Clippers, Heat, Grizzlies, Hawks and Thunder. The quality varies and homerism runs deep, but they might be worth listening to get a take on your own team.

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Monta Ellis, Love, JR, David West all opt OUT.

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Cavs pick up Mozgov's 1 year contract option.

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Guest B0rntowildy

I think biggest story right now is whether Demarcus Cousins gets traded or not.

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Mock Draft


1. Minnesota Timberwolves: Karl-Anthony Towns, Kentucky, 7-0, 250, center, freshman

Towns is a skilled two-way big man with NBA size to rebound and block shots immediately. He has upside offensively and is ahead of Jahlil Okafor athletically.

WATCH: Videos with NBA draft prospects

2. L.A. Lakers: Jahlil Okafor, Duke, 6-11, 270, center, Duke, freshman

Okafor is a classic post-up player with intelligence who would not fit a high-tempo team well. He played more than Karl-Anthony Towns and won a title.

PHOTOS: NBA draft lottery - 2015

3. Philadelphia 76ers: D'Angelo Russell, Ohio State, 6-5, 193, point guard/shooting guard, freshman

Russell is a creative, composed combo guard. The lefty averaged 19.7 points, 5.7 rebounds and 5.0 assists and gets James Harden comparisons. He will need time.

RELATED: Ranking the NBA draft's Top 30 prospects

4. New York Knicks: Kristaps Porzingis, Latvia, 7-1, 220, power forward, n/a

Porzingis needs to get stronger but he has ability to score from the paint to the 3-point line as a 7-footer. He would have been a mid-first round pick last year.

LOOK BACK: Ranking Phoenix Suns' 1st round NBA draft choices

5. Orlando Magic: Justise Winslow, Duke, 6-6 ½, 222, shooting guard, freshman

Winslow is a lefthanded scorer with versatility, efficiency and potential in his jump shot. He is a good defender because of his high effort and athleticism.

PHOTOS: Phoenix Suns' 2015 NBA draft workouts

6. Sacramento Kings: Emmanuel Mudiay, Congo, 6-5, 190, point guard, n/a

Mudiay, a Congo native, signed with SMU but played in China. He is a true point guard with size and pick-and-roll ability. He needs to improve his jump shot.

Suns draft history: Taking a look at the first-round picks

7. Denver Nuggets: Mario Hezonja, Croatia, 6-8, 215, shooting guard, n/a

Hezonja can score in a variety of ways and can compete athletically but he will have to prove he has the strength, defense and team play to fit in the NBA.

PHOTOS: College basketball players entering NBA draft early

8. Detroit Pistons: Stanley Johnson, Arizona, 6-6 ½, 242, small forward, freshman

Johnson has a better NBA physique than most pros. He projects to be an ideal small forward at each end. He is competitive and defends guards and forwards.

PHOTOS: Arizona Wildcats basketball players selected in NBA draft

9. Charlotte Hornets: Devin Booker, Kentucky, 6-6, 206, shooting guard, freshman

Booker is not very skilled beyond his shot but he has deep shooting range. He has good court acumen and quieted athleticism concerns with the combine's fastest shuttle run and lane agility run.

PHOTOS: NBA draft combine in Chicago

10. Miami Heat: Sam Dekker, Wisconsin, 6-9, 219, small forward, junior

Dekker was a NCAA tourney star as an energetic, versatile scorer with great size and ball-handling to be a wing. His perimeter shot remains unproven.

Suns draft history: Taking a look at the second-round picks

11. Indiana Pacers: Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky, 7-0 ½, 242, center, junior

Cauley-Stein will be drafted mostly for defense. With great size and agility, he can cover the pick-and-roll and be a rim protector. He is limited offensively.

RELATED: More NBA draft coverage from Paul Coro

12. Utah Jazz: Myles Turner, Texas, 6-11 ½, 239, power forward/center, freshman

Turner has the size, length and shooting range to be a stretch big man who can defend and rebound too. He is not a smooth runner and must get stronger.

RELATED: Suns 2015 NBA draft primer - countdown to No. 13

13. Phoenix Suns: Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin, 7-1, 231, center, senior

Kaminsky has a refined inside-outside offensive game. As a four-year player, he could contribute immediately but lack of athleticism and strength is a concern.

RELATED: Suns weigh polish vs. potential in draft big men

14. Oklahoma City Thunder: Cameron Payne, Murray State, 6-1 ½, 183, point guard, sophomore

Payne is a quick, smart point guard who can score (20 ppg) and distribute (6 apg). The lefthander does not have athleticism to compensate for his thin frame.

RELATED: Suns' NBA draft position lends a long shot at success

15. Atlanta Hawks: Bobby Portis, Arkansas, 6-10 ½, 246, power forward, sophomore

Portis has the ability to be a stretch power forward. He improved his game during two college years. He is developing a post game and is aggressive with it.

RELATED: Suns consider perimeter prospects to draft 'best player'

16. Boston Celtics: Kelly Oubre, Kansas, 6-7, 203, small forward, freshman

Oubre is a thin but tall and athletic wing with shooting ability, although it dropped off in limited action. Workouts will be important for his stock.

RELATED: Suns' draft play at 13 depends on top-12 unknowns

17. Milwaukee Bucks: Trey Lyles, Kentucky, 6-10, 245, power forward, freshman

Lyles has shooting range and smooth footwork but is an average athlete with defensive questions. He was inconsistent in a platoon but finished strong.

LOOK BACK: 2014 NBA draft picks

18. Houston Rockets: Jerian Grant, Notre Dame, 6-4, 198, point guard, senior

Grant is a fifth-year senior who has ideal point guard size and smarts to help a team. Harvey Grant's son is a playmaker who can slash with an improved shot.

RELATED: Suns GM Ryan McDonough content at No. 13 in NBA draft

19. Washington Wizards: Kevon Looney, UCLA, 6-9, 222, small forward, freshman

Looney has the athleticism, length, motor and feel for the game to get him on draft boards. He has a high end with more bulk and shooting range.

LOOK BACK: NBA draft grades - 2014

20. Toronto Raptors: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Arizona, 6-7, 211, small forward, sophomore

Hollis-Jefferson is capable of guarding multiple positions with good wing size. He can score in transition and drives but his jump shot is a major concern.

LOOK BACK: Meet the Suns' 2014 NBA draft class

21. Dallas Mavericks: Tyus Jones, Duke, 6-2, 185, point guard, freshman

Jones has some of the same qualities for floor leadership and big-shot ability that put Tyler Ennis in this draft range. He is small but is an excellent playmaker.

22. Chicago Bulls: Justin Anderson, Virginia, 6-6, 231, shooting guard, junior

Anderson looks and plays like a smart NBA defender with a strong physique and leaping ability. His offense developed to make him a 3-and-D prospect.

23. Portland Trail Blazers: Rashad Vaughn, Nevada-Las Vegas, 6-5, 199, shooting guard, freshman

Vaughn was averaging 17.8 points per game until his season ended due to knee surgery for a meniscus tear. He is a quality spot-up or off-the-dribble shooter who needs seasoning as a ball-handler and defender.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers: Terry Rozier, Louisville, 6-2, 190, point guard, sophomore

Rozier could be a combo guard who brings athleticism and toughness. He has defensive and mid-range shooting ability but his passing and long-range shot are still in development. His improvement from his freshman year to sophomore year projects well.

25. Memphis Grizzlies: R.J. Hunter, Georgia State, 6-6, 185, shooting guard, junior

Hunter has a variety of shots, although his shooting dipped this season before his NCAA tourney fame. He lacks athleticism but defends well and plays confidently.

26. San Antonio Spurs: Montrezl Harrell, Louisville, 6-7 ½, 253, power forward, junior

Harrell is undersized but makes up for it with length and energy. He will be an impact rebounder with his hustle and toughness and a jump shot is in progress.

27. L.A. Lakers: Chris McCullough, Syracuse, 6-9, 199, power forward, freshman

McCullough better hope he slips into the first round or declaring was a mistake, particularly after a torn ACL and an in-season face for the athletic freshman.

28. Boston Celtics: Jarell Martin, Louisiana State, 6-9, 239, power forward, sophomore

Martin is a tweener who is good at a few things but rebounding might be his immediate way to make the cut because he is strong and mobile.

29. Brooklyn Nets: Delon Wright, Utah, 6-5 ½, 181, point guard, senior

Wright has ideal point guard size and can pass and defend well. His detriments are his age (23) and his shooting but maybe big brother, Dorrell, has helped that.

30. Golden State Warriors: Joseph Young, Oregon, 6-2, 182, point guard/shooting guard, senior

Young is a pure scorer who can spot up, be quick off pick-and-rolls and convert from long range. He averaged at least 18 points for three consecutive seasons but his NBA chances depend on him overcoming his size on defense and improving his playmaking for others on offense.




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Love opts out, that's gonna be interesting to see where he lands

Danny Ainge has said expect a lot of action tomorrow, he usually lives up to his words so this will be an exciting 24 hours

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Love opts out, that's gonna be interesting to see where he lands

Danny Ainge has said expect a lot of action tomorrow, he usually lives up to his words so this will be an exciting 24 hours



Could be big, they also pushing for cousins aswell.

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fuck GS

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I don't see Cousins being traded


Draft should be interesting

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I like bball haha :)

Edited by JcJack

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don't really watch basketball anymore.

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