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Dan's Intro

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1. Current display name: HOTSINCE_82

1a. Past display names: DI_DanB, Yllattynyt, SytytyStulpa, Perseohjus. This goes back to probably late 2015, previous to this I remember using 'DanB' and 'Boring Dan' before that. Used 'MilfBanger5O' in Spring 2015 (few people in DI changed to it as a form of in-joke banter).

2. Timezone: GMT

3. IRC names (Past and present): DanB has been my main nick for the last 2 years. Been under DanB`` and DanB|AFK at times too.

4. About yourself:

My name is of course Dan, I'm 22 and I'm a stinky British kid. Grew up in Leicestershire but moved around quite a bit later on in life due to Parent's Jobs and University. Hobbies wise I'm very keen on sports, I'm a huge football fan (support Man City) and also like to watch other sports such as Cricket and Athletics.

I've played many sports in my life, though the main ones I've done competitively have been Cricket, Badminton, Football, Athletics and Volleyball. Mostly all at different points in life, for example I stopped playing Football for clubs once I left school (did pick it back up later on at Uni), and I'd never played Volleyball until University but thought I'd give something new a go.

Other than that, I spend a lot of my time socialising with friends, be it just chilling or going out clubbing, playing sports, etc. Gaming wise I haven't really tended to play a bunch of games since I got into RuneScape really. I was big into Fifa and Ratchet and Clank as a kid, but once I got into RuneScape it became my main thing really. Nowadays I also play some of the newer generation console games, such as CoD, Battlefield, the Elder Scrolls games aka Skyrim etc, and Titanfall. Have started playing Fifa quite a bit more again, but mainly if I'm on a console I'll be on CoD (until Battlefield 1 comes out at least). I enjoy watching competitive CoD, as nerdy as it sounds. I've always been quite competitive in general and playing to a point where I want to perfect my game has always been something I've enjoyed, so watching it as well has been something I've gotten into in the past few years.

Also incase anyone has any quarrels with my timezone, I have insomnia and hence a pretty fucked up sleeping pattern, so for all intents and purposes I do play as if I'm an ESTer.

5. Do you actively play RS outside of Clan events?:

I do as much as I have time for. I'm currently in a bit of a skilling stage, and I've been grinding a few 90s and 99s out. Current goals are 90 Agility/Hunter and 99 Firemaking as well as intermittently working on RuneCrafting whilst I have some motivation to do it.

6. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats):

126 Combat


7. Picture of your entire Wilderness Tab:



8. List ALL Clans, Teams, Country Clans, and Communities you have ever been apart of or tried joining. Include when it was and why you're no longer with them:

Community Clans:

Exigence: 2013-2015; Member->Senior->War Council

Joined this clan basically to have some people to play RS with at the beginning of Oldschool. I didn't imagine myself playing long so went with something much more relaxed.

Here I ended up getting involved in RSB fighting, and learnt the basics of it. I spent most of 2014 warring quite a bit for Exigence and meeting quite a lot of people who are still some of my best mates on RS today. Later on in the year after speaking to members in the clan who were in RSC clans, I found myself wanting more serious PvP, so ended up joining Damage Inc in late 2014, which saw my activity in Exi dip drastically.

During early 2015 the warring team made a slight comeback, and along with 3 others I was ranked on the war team to try and help get things moving. We saw ourselves being really successful in early 2015, but unfortunately the scene died out a bit and relationships with some of the core members (most of my friends) and the leadership soured, so after the amount of my friends in the clan had mostly diminished, I also took my leave.

Next Generation: 2016 (~April-June); Member

Found myself slightly dry of action in DI and wanted some more RSB. Came here to get that, and also to see if I could snipe some recruits. Pretty much the same day I was accepted, HAAS told me that he didn't want all the AF members that would typically inhabit any new RSB team to join, and that only KG would be allowed in.

This of course, as expected, did not happen, and all the AF began to flood in. I wasn't really fussed, as we got some pretty good RSB action with Sanity quite often, but suffice to say my interest in the clan diminished when all these members joined, so eventually I was just using the clan to give DI some free P2P hits and +1s, and HAAS eventually clocked on and removed me.


The Storm: 2014 (~July-August); Member

Basically a bunch of the non-RoT exi core had joined here for some P2P action after having enjoyed going on PK trips amongst themselves for awhile. They joined because of a guy called Kris, and I just followed them along. I can't really remember what happened, but The Storm kind of died out and became pretty boring, so everyone left.

Sovereign: 2014 (September); Pre-Intro?

I'll include this even though it was basically nothing, but anyway. Everyone left The Storm, and I went AWOL for a little while because of the new Uni year starting and me panicking that I'd need to spend so much more time doing class work. I came back and everyone was in SV, so I posted an intro. I went to one Sunday fight that same day, which was just an hour or two of sniping one kid in rune and running away, and after that saw how cancerous the community was. I just didn't visit the site again or go on their TeamSpeak, and nothing else happened with them.

Flip Flops: 2015 (May-November(?)); Member->Elite Member

Silver1 PMed me asking if I was interested in joining a F2P CWA team, and having a lot of free time on my hands, I gladly accepted a chance for more action. Summer with them was fun as hell, pretty sure we won almost 50 fights in a row, it was pretty ridiculous. Essentially fast forward to a few months later, DI had switched sides in the crash war and the team of course became a little hostile. Didn't really enjoy any of it anymore so just pissed around for awhile until they removed me. Can't remember when I was removed, wasn't too bothered about it but it was probably late 2015 November/December.

Synergy: Since Summer 2015, currently still here; Member->Commander->Council

Joined here to help out because AshleyBear and Joko had joined to try and recruit as quite a few of the memberbase were clanless at the time. Nothing really came of the recruitment, but I really enjoyed the sort of community it had and found myself becoming good friends with East pretty quickly. I was promoted to Council during 2016 and have rejoined again, helping them through their reopening.

Martians: Autumn 2015-Spring 2016; Member

Joined here because Sukh was pming people to join it and he kept pestering me, so I thought why not as I had the time for some more action. Really enjoyed the atmosphere here, it was competitive yet everyone just had a laugh and there was a lot of banter. I was pretty inactive during early 2016, so I posted an inactive topic and was removed.

Team Trinity: Early 2016 (January-March); Member

Jack asked me to join TT, and even though I saw myself becoming fairly inactive he's a good friend so I joined to help thicken their reopening memberlist a little bit. Eventually it happened and I became inactive, so I left so as not to be a useless +1 on the memberlist.

Imperium: Since April 2016, currently still here; Applicant->Member->Senior Member

Main clans:

Damage Incorporated: 2014-2016; Member->Senior Member->Mentor->PKL->Warlord->Council

As explained in the Exigence clan history, I found myself getting involved more and more with the RSC scene, and made my way to Damage Inc. I picked DI because I wanted P2P action mainly, and that left me with three choices. Having been around Del Muro and Noel as well as a couple of other RoT members at the time enough, I did not think that I was ready for that step up. This left me with two choices, Ancient Fury and Damage Inc. Obviously having been around all the RoT members, I sat on that side of the fence and AF was a no go, so I picked Damage Inc even though I didn't know anyone in the clan. The latter was a fairly big factor for me as I had noticed I was following around my friends from team to team, and even though I enjoyed being in clans with them, I just wanted to find a clan that would be my home.

I can't lie, when I first joined DI I loved it. It was still a big step up for me from what I'd done before, so the higher number fights and Sunday trips were very enjoyable. At first we didn't do much P2P aside from ACing for RoT, but I really enjoyed the banter that the old core of the clan had, and found myself being pretty happy pretty quickly.

The RoT vs every other top clan crash war happened, and it started to go quite downhill. Basically the start of everything bad that happened to DI happened when EoS and AC mass joined, and essentially the core was replaced one by one as they quit and someone new joined. I still enjoyed the clan, a bunch of my friends were there, but this was the start of things. During late 2015 going into the new year we had a terrible losing streak, and around this time I had just been made an official.

Bringing the DI of 2015 which would see us drop a third or more of our pull after two hours, to a clan which barely lost in CWA, had so much momentum and would pretty much sustain numbers in long fights was a lot of fun. Still enjoyed the core, and the momentum we had was great. During Summer activity plummeted, and we saw a lot of core members going inactive and quitting, who again would be replaced by new members. That's not to say that all of the new members were really bad, but the community just lost a little something for me.

Along with this, people seemed to just give up. We'd prep Sundays and pull 20-25 less than before even though we'd lost a couple of members (who were replaced by new recruits anyway), and only had a few inactive topics. People who were previously very active and pretty decent in-game went MIA and would perform badly, and with others it just seemed like they didn't give a shit. Lots of things seemed to go downhill and it effectively came to the point in the end where events were very stale for me, especially as an official as I would just watch people who should be performing well do shit, and you can't even get mad about it and ask what's happening in that situation because in DI a bad atmosphere=nobody tries, so it was a lose-lose situation. It basically felt like a never ending cycle of the same people ruining it for the good members, and to be honest I just hit a brick wall with trying to help improve it all. To add to this, there weren't many people I found myself wanting to be in a TeamSpeak channel with, which made life very boring.

I could deal with bad events, bad performances and all of that, I've had it plenty before, yet I stayed because the community kept me happy. Once that became diminished, it was the end of the road for me. Some of my best mates such as Lavigne even left, and these events were almost the final straw. After this, I asked to be removed, which was around a month ago now.

9. Have you ever applied to the clan before? Links: I have not.

10. Why do you want to join Reign of Terror?

I've always admired how RoT has the winning mentality to stay determined, even through more difficult situations such as fighting every other top clan on RS. The strategy it took to cope with everything going on then was something I really respected as well.

I feel that the memberbase is full of people who give 100% no matter what. I've always been in clans that have a culture where the 10% always carry the 90%, and I utterly hated looking at people who barely did anything when I was giving everything I had. I want to be able to respect the effort my peers put in, and try my best to emulate it.

Otherwise, I have had friends in RoT for the entirety of my time on OSRS, and have always heard little things here and there of what things are like. I really think that it's a community and atmosphere that I could enjoy a lot. I've seen members of RoT say time and time again that it's the last clan you join, and that's exactly what I want.

Final one is pretty simple, I came to one event (at a time where I honestly wasn't 100% if I wanted to keep playing RS at this level) and it was like nothing I'd done before. Pretty much, it took one event to win me over and tell me that this is where I want to be. I've since been to a couple of others and none of them changed my view on it in the slightest.

11. Why should we give you a chance? What do you have to offer?

I'm a level-headed, smart person who always gives every effort to succeed, and I'm someone who very willingly gets involved in the communities that I join. Given the chance, I think that I could become a good member, not just in the community but in-game too.

12. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for:

Been in CWA teams or had brief interactions/conversations with quite a lot of people I've not listed, but they've probably not been on enough of a personal level to list here.

Brian289 - Month or so, though we've spoken beforehand for clan officials stuff.

Del Muro - 3 years, from Exigence. We warred together quite a bit in that team, and I believe we've both been in a few of the same F2P CWA teams recently too.

Ethann - 2 years or so, through DI. We've spoken quite a few times on IRC since he idled and spoke in DI's public irc channel a lot.

JcJack - 1.5 years, from CWA Teams, though we talk a lot more outside of teams. Probably one of my better mates on RS.

Noel - 3.5 years, from Exigence and it's warring team as well as my time there in general for those two years.

Pedro - 9 months, from CWA teams. Probably most notably TT.

Andyyy - 3 years, from Exigence, The Storm, and Imperium.

Bennie - 1 year, from various CWA teams, I think Synergy and Martians are the main ones we would've spoken in.

Dan` - 1 year, from being in DI together.

Filz - 1 year, from being in pretty much all the same CWA teams as me. Talked pretty often especially in Synergy and Martians.

OA - 1 year? Been in Martians and Imp together and talked on TS a few times otherwise too I believe.

Savea - 1 year, from his (short) time in DI. Even though he was spying, as his mentor I talked to him a lot more than I usually would have and we got to know each other very well on a personal level, which was why him spying was such a surprise. Never had any hard feelings about that, been good speaking to him a bit more again since I've been hanging around the RoT community.

Vlad - 3 years, from Exigence. Have talked a lot and known him pretty well from us being in that same core friend group from back in Exi, and still talk now.

Zulu - 1-2 years, from CWA teams and RSBing. We've both been in Flip Flops, TT, Imperium and maybe even Martians at the same time. Believe we were both in NextGen too, as well as now speaking a bit through TP.

Rebel - 2 years, from the RSB community. We had a lot more interractions in the past when EW and Exigence were alive and active, as we would basically war for each other's teams if they needed extra numbers.

Lavigne - 2 years, from DI. We were chill with each other for our first year there, but since around the end parts of 2015 we talked a heck of a lot and were very good mates. Again probably one of my better friends on RS.

Nooblet - 9 months or so, from DI. Both of us were very active in DI for most of our time there and we hence found ourselves on the small PK trips a lot leading them. Were also both big CWA team whores so talked a bit there too.

Ohmybeef - 3 years, from Exigence. We talked loads whilst in Exigence in that same group of friends I've mentioned a few times, and outside of that since we kept in contact regularly. Mate as fuck.

Sam` - 2 years, from DI. Sam was probably one of the more active ones in the few old DI core that would actually hang out on TS, so we spoke quite a lot back then.

13. This is your last chance to come clean about your past and clear anything up. Do you have anything else to add?: Nope.

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slayer of noob

rot is way different from di so I hope you're ready for that



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it's alot different but if you're active you should be good, add some colour too, the wall of texts don't look very appealing


good luck dan

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Edited by ben

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Good luck, seems like you've mostly been in shit clans\teams and surrounded by retards.


Hopefully you can make the transition into rot, it's a lot different here.

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You seem alright, good luck. This is a big step up for you.

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Good Luck DanB, Intro looks sick.

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Best of luck Danb

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