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Elver's Intro

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1. Current display name: Successful
1a. Past display names: Disclose,L E GE ND

2. Timezone: Central/USA

3. IRC names (Past and present): [MM]Elver, [EoP]Elver and Elver

4. About yourself: Hello, My name is Elver, I'm 21 years old and from Chicago. Some of my favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Suits. During my spare time, I enjoy playing soccer or, for those of you in Europe, football. I also like to watch Champions League and other major sports events.

5. Do you actively play RS outside of Clan events?: Yes, I'm currently in the process of getting 2k total, and I'm playing more often due to the new Raids update.

6. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats):126
7. Picture of your entire Wilderness Tab:


8. List ALL Clans, Teams, Country Clans, and Communities you have ever been apart of or tried joining. Include when it was and why you're no longer with them:

MM-2k11-Closed 2k13- After training up my pure, I joined Mayhem Makers. This clan was one of the best pure-clanning experiences I've ever had. I only wish I had joined sooner. Mayhem Makers strove to be the best while still staying a pure clan. Everyone in the community aspired to have the best account builds for the clan, and everyone's goal was to be #1. The clan, however, sadly closed due to the lack of competition and because the game was at its lowest point.

EOP-2k15-2k16- After quitting the game for about 2 years, I came back and joined EOP. It was a fun experience reaching #1 time and time again. Eventually, I found main clanning, which led me to experience the game in a whole different aspect, and I started enjoying the game more and more as a result. After a while, I waited for the right time once the clan was established and decided to step down on good terms.

FOE-2k15 For like 3/4 months. When Eop closed i joined FOE for about 3/4months. Left once EOP reopened.

Cutthroat- SEP 2k16-2k17 This was the first main clan I joined to experience the main scene. Belonging to this clan was a very fun experience, but I wanted to try more than just P2P. I Left because I want to experience the F2P main scene and would like to be competitive in both servers of the game.

CWA Teams:

Imperium- OCT-2k16-Present I Joined this team for the F2P experience since CT didn't do F2P. It was established early on that this team was for the elite members of the main community. With the help of my friends I was able to transition fairly quickly to such an extent that I can now do CWA.

9. Have you ever applied to the clan before? Links: No, I have not.

10. Why do you want to join Reign of Terror?

I want to join ROT because this clan is like no other. This unparalleled clan thrives to be #1 in every aspect of the game. Rot's members all have one goal in common and that is to achieve at being the very best they can be, and i want to be a part of a community that is always looking to be the very best and excels at what they do.

11. Why should we give you a chance? What do you have to offer?

I believe that i should get the privilege of being given a chance because i'm a very dedicated individual and will give it my all. Having had experiences of both pure-clanning and main-clanning alike, as well as leadership roles, i'm confident that the abilities and skills which i have developed through the years of clanning and as a rank will help me to make a solid contribution to the clan. I'm easy to get along with and would be happy to help in any way i can.

12. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for:

Crims-6 years

jax-6 years

andyy-1 year

karmaa- 1 year

13. This is your last chance to come clean about your past and clear anything up. Do you have anything else to add?:

I know that i don't have that much f2p main clan experience but i will prove that i know what i'm doing regardless of the clan history.

edit: talked with brit, resolved some issues. if anyone has any questions or issues feel free to pm me on irc irc nick=Elver

edit#2- I wrote my own intro i just asked someone if it looked good.

edit #3- i didnt scam eop members when they quested my account i asked the person hm it would be he said 40m each one of them was paid other i said to wait until i had extra cash. If you need any proof pm me..

edit#4 i stepped down because i could only make weekend trips at the time and the current leader knows that.. I told him i don't want to be like the rest and and sit on a rank so i stepped down but still attended the trips when i could. The current leader even tried helping me get in so if he had any issue he would of told me.

Edited by Elver

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edit - heard some pretty pathetic things about you in regards to scamming/hacking people as well as other things, idk mate.

Edited by kyle

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hopefully crims hasn't given his dutch genes to you



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you'll have a lot to prove if this scamming shit is true


good luck

Edited by Scott

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welcome to RoT - this is going to be a big step up for you given your history - prove you deserve to be here and show how much you really want it


best of luck

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....not another footy fag


nice anime squad refs, good lucky

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Your intro looks pretty piss visually.


Also you said soccer like 4 times.


Not impressed

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