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Leyla's legendary community Introduction.

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1. Display Name:
1a. Previous Display Names: Leyla, Transwomen, Snowden, Smiter, Permed, Jerusalem.

2. About yourself:  Hey, I'm Leyla, And if you haven't already heard of me, Then you're missing out, Been playing Runescape Sense 2005-2004 Days. Only started Multi pking, Back in 2007? Don't remember when I actually started, One of my mates got me into it, Was mostly a clan wars ragger back in the pre-EoC days when red portal was active, Back in the days I think, Before started fighting in the wilderness. Don't remember how I even started Multi to be honest.. Anyways, My name's pretty self explanatory lol, Whenever I don't play 07, Me and my mate, Run a legacy clan on legacy servers on RS3, Called 1 8 4 9.

3. Combat Level & Picture of your Stats:  Still Training, Introing once and whenever I get 123.aL1OA8D.jpg

4. Do you have the recommended Character build (http://rs-rot.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=58557) Yeah.RKa2BRC.jpg

5. Do you have any experience with Clans? If so, which clans: Many, Many clans,  First clan I was in, Was welfarers, Then JaJa legacy, Which then turned into JaJa swat, After the JaJa days were long gone, Found my way into Infliction, Dunno how and don't remember, Think I became friends with one of the people who was in Infliction, And then became good friends Rendual, And eventually found my self in IF. Was in Infliction, Sense the first remake, After I came back to 07, And found out Rendual reopened IF, I asked to join and he got me in and I started spying, And started using training as a cover, Originally, The plan, Was for me to spy for SV on IF, Then when, IF closed, I'd join SV, And spy for SV on RoT, But because the people in SV, Couldn't handle my flames, When I was back in IF, Banned me before even giving me a chance, Despite, Despair trying to unban me and get me into SV, Even though I was only 80 combat, And unsure what my plan was lmao. That was my way into SV, Through, The legendary rapbattle (Cole) And Rams,  And the infamous Despair. Also, Use to be in RSD, But only for a short period of time. Was there for the 2012 Jagex cup vs The Titans though. Also, Me and my mate, Run a legacy clan on legacy servers on RS3, Called 1 8 4 9.

6. Do you play Deadman at all? Yeah, Always.

7. Do you know anyone in RoT, if so, whom?:

Brian-289 ~ (Been, a while, Been spying for him for ages.)

Brett ~ (Been A while, Been spying for him for ages)

Fierce J ~ (Past year, Met him while was in JaJa)

Cole ~ (The infamous Rap Battle, Met him, While was spying.)

Sfa ~ (Past year, Forgot how we met, But became friends.)

X Shadow X ~ ( Known him for around 8 years, Sense Pre EoC Days. He's my hero)

B0rnToWildy ~ (Past years, The legendary, Born To wild, Always in  fun flame wars with him in IRC, We've been flaming eachother for years lol, I personally don't have any hatred towards him though he always flames me lool, He's my hero btw.)

Rune Evil ~ (Known him back in Infliction, Wasn't close, But we'd talk. Always loved his accent. Always said, He was too good for infliction.)

GhettoBeluga ~(Past year, Dunno how we've met, Think was when I was telling him he was my hero, And we've became friends and or when were ragging Anti-RoT people together lool.)

Del_Muro ~ (Past year, Forgot how we met, But became friends. Talk on IrC.)

8. Anything else you want to add: If you voted no for PvP updates, You should probably kys.  Death to christy btw.4hX0pCj.png

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Hey, my name, is, Send, Backup, coma, coma, coma, period.

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