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1. Current display name:


1a. Past display names (List as many as possible):

Gangsterl0l, Clawballista

2. Timezone and Country:

Gmt +1 , Im from Sweden

3. Proof of Discord and IRC (Web clients will not cut it):



3a. IRC names (Past and present):

3b. IRC channels (You use apart from #RoT):

3c. Discord servers (You use apart from ours):

Teamsweden discord

Revenant discord

JaJa discord

Sovereign discord

Flamingos discord

Fools discord

Vitality discord

Reign of terror discord

4. List all TS Servers/Communities you've frequented in the past year (if any):




4a. Do you have a Mic:


4b. Do you use it:


5. About Yourself:

Im 18 years old from teamsweden, currently studying my last year in school as an economic. Usually out partying and hanging out with friends when im not at the computer playing Rs. I also like to play fortnite. If u have any question about me feel free to ask, I dont know what more to say lol.

6. How long have you been involved in Clans:

3 years ish

7. Are you active on RS outside of Clan Events:

Yes, im working on maxing my account right now. currently at 2076 total when writing this.

8. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats):



9. Do you have Augury and/or Rigour:


10. Picture of your Wilderness Supplies:


11. List ALL Clans, Teams, Country Clans, and Communities you have ever been apart of or tried joining. Include when it was and why you're no longer with them:

Country clan

Teamsweden (Leader)

Clans :

Vendetta Was my first ever clan , pretty shit and ended up closing and forming a new clan called Infamous -->

Infamous This is when I started love clanning . Was officer in this clan and learnt to call abit , was a great time ngl. Ended up closing aswell.

Sovereign : Got invited to Sv by ff20 when Infamous died , introed and stayed there for about 2 days but I felt it was pretty shitty since Rot where hunting them whenever and I also didn`t like the people so ended up leaving.

Brutality Idk why I went to this clan, didn`t know much at the time L00l , ended up getting kicked after a week due to spy paranoia.

Revenant (1st time) After brutality I decided to try out rev with ff20 in the early 2017, we both didnt like how the clan was ran atm and ended up leaving to tryna start a new team with Rams, called Malevolent.

Malevolent: I guess you can call this a "team" since we pretty much never officialy opened as a clan but this was like a community that ended up closing after 3 weeks ish.

Revenant (2nd time) After Malevolent (closed) I went inactive during the summer and started again late 2017 to then get invited by Jay back to Revenant , this time I was here for a long period and got Senior. Ended up leaving (getting kicked) for choosing TS before Revenant.


Clan Europe 1 year ish , got some f2p experience, kicked for inactive.

Silent ember Joined when it was first opened, was there till it closed.

Flamingos Still a member of Flamingos untill this date! 

12. How many years/months of experience do you have in P2P fights (1-5, 5 being strong, how would you rate yourself):

3 years , i would rate me a strong 4.5

13. Have you ever Applied to the Clan before (Provide link if applicable):


14. Why do you want to join Reign of Terror (No Bullshit):

Nice action , strongest clan ingame & alot of dedicated people who back eachother whatever happens.

15. Why should we give you a chance? What do you have to offer (Again, No Bullshit):

I think I have what it takes to join rot since im pretty good in both multi and singles , aswell as p2p and f2p. Also very dedicated once i get into a new clan.


16. Who Invited you to apply?

FF20, Matt, Gladias, Robo, Arne

17. Has anyone offered to vouch for you, if so, who:

ff20 go next





18. List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for (Not to be confused with people vouching you):

Tayt (1 year ish)

Smeq (1 year ish)

ff20 go next (3 years)

Arne, Tom (8 months)

Robo (8 months)

Gladias (1,5 years)

Mike (4 months)
19. This is your last chance to come clean about your past and clear anything up. With that in mind, do you have anything else to add:

Nothing i can think about , just ask questions and I will answer them as good as I can !

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You seem like a good guy but here are the facts


You'd still be in rev if you didn't get forced to choose between them & TS and you'll always prioritise TS over RoT, so probably not for me. The questions that require more detail are also pretty lacklustre. 

Edited by Zulu

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good lil swede gamer, gl m8

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this is gonna be a huge step up from w/e the fuck that clan history is, make sure you're asking your refs lots of questions and shit so you know what you're doing




edit: i feel like it went without saying that you'll need to prioritize rot over ts, not sure why you're still leader

Edited by kyle

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Good guy, we'll see how things end up working out.

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I know blakpn0y is like a dad to a lot of you team sweden kids but like a few people above me said already you're gonna prioritize rot over anything else. Pking with team sweden is fine as long as you off rot/flamingos and there isnt a mand event/trip going on in rot. 

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GL bro seen you in-game a lot over the past year or two. hope you can handle this big step up. teamsweden is gonna have to come second btw. don't let ff20 down!

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Long kong Christmas dong

Huge step up, hope you can prioritise RoT and make this work.

good luck.

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Who will you put first, RoT or Team Sweden? That's the only question I care about.

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If you want to be RoT your going to have to put us first, work on 82 con. good luck.

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As someone who went through his FA as leader of AV I can tell you that ROT > the clan you're leading. Whether thats a trip, clans your beefing with, or how you operate you have to line that up with RoT's interest at the end of the day.  Good luck and don't let ur refs down

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