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Thursday: Ending Anti-RoT In F2P

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We rolled up to DI & AF's planned 1 hour cap and pretty much ruined DI's event from the get. They could barely maintain 25 people in game from the time we were there until they ended (30 minutes early,  by the way), and of those 25 people almost none of them stayed in styles. They were left with a pure melee pile that couldn't kill anything. Eventually Rev, WL, DF, and VR had to show up to anti-crash (you know DI was crying hard when FOUR clans have to ATTEMPT to anti-crash), but it didn't matter. DI was unable to get anything going. Not once. After just 30/60 minutes of fighting, DI was forced to end their cap early despite having four clans show up to anti-crash. Highlight had to be how fast Rev ran and logged when they realized DI & AF left them.

Dark#2304 to cash out or join a real clan




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