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  1. Today
  2. some zulrah luck

    nice luck
  3. follow me i know dewey
  4. FIFA Ultimate Team

    toty marcelo from roma sbc lmfao
  5. Friday #2 - CT Fight & Single

    looke'd fun always props 2 ct to etc
  6. some zulrah luck

    nice pal, gz
  7. Friday #2 - CT Fight & Single

    grats on the win
  8. Do you know da wae?

    i dont get it
  9. some zulrah luck

  10. Friday #2 - CT Fight & Single

    Gratz on win owners
  11. Lol di is as bad as jaja
  12. PRO TIP: Buy Bitconnect in dip

    i trust you
  13. bye mog bye fags

    mog brings loot to rot
  14. Friday #2 - CT Fight & Single

    another win
  15. Wednesday: Quick scrap with CT ft. FL on login

    awkward moment there
  16. Sunday: Clearing our Wilderness

    clean win
  17. some zulrah luck

  18. Home Stretch

    grats on 99
  19. Fossil Island Improvements

    i will look
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