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The Greatest Story Never Told

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Before the story begins I’d like to say this is my 3rd time writing this. The hardest part about it is once it's out there, it can never be taken back. Throughout the process of writing it and deleting it I’ve lost the exact dates and pictures of my intros to go along with it. So to make up for the unspecified amount of time between putting the plan into motion, introing, FA’ing and applying for members I’ll be using phrases like “some time later” – meaning a few weeks or even a month or two. A date I did try to secure was the date I officially left RoT in a post saying “Derank me, I’m quitting for DI" but couldn't find it.






Back History & About Me:






As most of you know before I left for DI, I didn’t do much for RoT in regards to PKing. I was asked by Plazahitman sometime in late or mid 2007 (possibly 2008), to sort out the Intros and FAs. There was a lot of shit to sort through and nobody really wanted to do it and/or Plazahitman was too busy running the clan to sort through every tedious topic, track down people, etc. The day he asked me to take over as Assistant FA Manager I had completely revamped the Intro & FA System, sorted out everyone who needed to be kicked, promoted, demoted, banned, shitted on, assassinated, thrown under a bus. From there on out managing the Intros and FAs was easy, but still tedious work. I eventually turned my position over to Lvclark and took the promotion to Global Mod. Through my time served as mod, I did most of my work as an advisor to Jordan. Although it isn’t known, a lot of policy change, that Jordan, did or enforced was either written by me after we talked about it or set into motion after I suggested it to him. During this time I wasn’t really playing RS and if I was, I wasn’t attending PK trips because I had no interest in the aspect of the clan that involved me playing the game. It wasn’t so much a lack of love for the clan, I really just was sick of RS.


At some particular time MattyB & H0z were promoted to Leaders of RoT and were kind enough to allow me to keep my position as forum mod. Even though I wasn’t involved in the FA Managing anymore, I was highly known for criticizing someone’s intro that was written poorly, effortlessly, needed more info, etc. It’s a known fact 40% of people who introed when I had global mod often pissed in their computer chairs when they saw me reading their topic and almost broke their monitor refreshing the page every .003 seconds to see if I was going to be merciful to their cause or totally destroy them.

As time passed, I became less and less interested in modding the forums. MattyB and I, didn’t not, like each other, but we didn’t always see eye to eye or get along like Jordan and I did. I’m sure we’d all like to say we’re friends with everyone in the clan we’re in, but in reality, you’re lucky to have even 5 close friends that actually care about you. Most of my close friends in RoT either quit RS, RoT, or both. I was all alone, yet in a place where I should have belonged..


Most of you remember or will learn from reading this, in 2008 I worked at McDonald’s and had trouble holding on to money living with my mother and step-dad. Growing tension between us led to me planning to move out and move back to Columbus (where I was raised as a kid) and start going to college, working part-time at another McDonald’s close to my dad’s house. My mom ended up ‘kicking me out’, even though it was only going to be another month or less before I moved myself. But she’s one of those people that wants to be like “Yeah, I kicked him out.” instead of having to tell people “He moved out.” And that happened on like Jan 1st or 2nd and I had to quit my job without 2 weeks notice or anything so I wasn’t able to get officially transferred to a McDonald’s I was trying to get transferred to near my dad’s house. There was some dicking around and bullshitting going by this place and I eventually was able to obtain said transfer papers but then this new McDonald’s still tried to nigger out of it, so I just decided to take a little vacation from working and start looking for a job in the spring. After all, I spent like 9 or 10 months working at McDonald’s for free and somehow managed to end up $4,000.00 in debt. During this time I managed to discover NRPK and Paco + some others. Every night we’d stay up till like 4 or 5 AM just glitching on NRPK 1 hitting people and making a mockery out of the pseudo-skill of hybridding. Paco and I ended up becoming best friends.


During this time, I was semi-interested in getting back into RS. At the same time, I wanted to be in RoT, but RoT was kind of in a state of going no where, or at least that’s how I remember it. All the while this was happening, I was gaining fame on DI forums with random topics I’d make or flaming people. Some night during January, Paco and I decided I’d join DI as a spy for RoT. The next day I put some feelers and asked around about joining and started afk fishing on RS to make money. I was like 95 or 96 fishing at the time I had started so during the time from fishing to 99 I continued my work gaining friends and popularity on DI forums with more topics, hanging out in IRC, etc. Some time later I got 99 fishing and I think 76k or 26k’ing came out so I also made money off that. Further planning into putting the plan into motion began.






Pre-Planning the Infiltration:






There were several obstacles to overcome in putting myself in a position where I could be an effective spy:


1) Loyalty: I had years earlier left DI as an intro for another clan for 11 minutes, plus I quit DI as intro after being forgiven for leaving. Even though it happened years before and so much had changed, one of the biggest perks of being in DI was seeing if you could outdo yourself in being a faggot and post ridiculous stuff on intros and hold 9 year old grudges.


2) Being ex-RoT: As I said earlier, any non-half retarded person who knew anything about me and had the ability to read would see even though I was forum mod that PKed with RoT 2 times in 2 years, all people would see is “RoT” on my intro.


3) Trust issues: A long with being labeled as ex-RoT, comes the instant label of potentially being a spy. Automatically distrusted by most people, even though they didn’t know me.


4) Scamming: I scammed Rilo69 for a Santa hat in 2004 or 2005. This issue was by far the easiest issue of all to overcome and honestly wasn’t much of an issue. But there’s always going to be that self righteous prick ready to die for his ideals. The problems this issue caused were surprisingly less than expected and after a short time, Rilo ended up going on vacation for a long ass time and I proved myself to the 2 people who were holding this against me. I also believe because Rilo was a typical stupid Lithuanian, not a lot of people really cared what he thought. Lithuanians are barely even people.


5) Mindlessness: I’m guilty of this, as I’m sure we all are. How many times have you turned down someone’s intro or FA just because everyone else is? Well in DI, there were few who would speak out against the masses to defend an intro made by an ex-DI dropout, scammer, ex-RoT, potential spy, and lets not forget all around piece of shit according to people who wouldn’t have any legitimate reason as to not wanting me to have a chance to join, but did it anyways to follow suit.


For those of you that remember DI forums, or were DI, or introed to DI at some point, you probably remember a lot of what I just talked about and dealt with it yourself. The only one that was especially hard was overcoming being ex-RoT and having so much more to prove due to my history with DI as in Intro and finding people to help me out with my intro. However during our early planning stages I had already made friends with higher ranking members and Brian himself. Ultimately it was up to Brian to decide if I could PK with DI and have a shot. My intro went off without a hitch, 50% for me, 50% against, plus the overruling side of Brian wanting to give me a shot making the 50% - 50% completely irrelevant.






1 Well Placed Spy is More Effective than 20 Spies:






Before we continue further into the story, Paco and I came up with rules. It was decided at the very beginning if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. I wasn’t joining for us to crash a PK trip, I wasn’t joining for sneak peak at boring topics in the private section, I wasn’t joining to get back at anyone or take up a discrepancy with DI. I was joining DI to make RoT #1. Throughout the course of DI and RoT, each side had spies and each side had a member that would occasionally flip on their respective clan for the other, or just to leak the info publicly. In the grand scheme of things, the info leaked impacted each clan on such a small scale it wouldn’t even have been worth leaking in the first place. To avoid befalling the same fate as those who betrayed their clan before me, Paco and I came up with rules and of course I made my own rules that were subject to change at any time to protect myself.


1) I was to cease all communications with any RoT member via MSN, all forums, IRC, etc. I would ONLY speak to Paco via MSN.


2) Paco was to never tell anyone I was spying, as was I. In truth, I broke this rule and told a few people that I trusted to keep such a secret; Jrtolken, Jacob#s, Ethanandjake. That’s all I think off the top of my head but there was probably like 2 more RoT members that knew. As for Paco, I’m not sure if he told people deliberately or they just figured it out on their own, but I know MattyB and H0z knew. However I kept things on my end clear and never talked to any of them for the duration of my spying. I figured the less people that knew, the better. And I was right. I believe it was GhettoB, or some other guy whose name started with a B tried to turn me in to Brian when he had a falling out with RoT. However his effort was fruitless, I was already untouchable at that point. No one ever questioned me about it.


3) Pictures of private sections, were to never been asked for or taken.


4) Never give Paco 100% accurate info. The best way to stage a accidental run in, is, well, making it a legitimate accident.


5) I was to be the only spy in DI. Nobody else was to try and do what I’m doing and if they were, they were to be burned. Several people from RoT did try, their names shall remain nameless.



The Intro & FA Process:






Getting back on track, with some careful word play on my intro and seeds of doubt I planted some time before my intro, things went well. I went to my first PK trip, but had to leave shortly after showing up due to some spying issue arose. But it happened before I got there and after I left so I was cleared of suspicion. No idea if it was paranoia or someone else spying at the time, but after that, I was all clear. After that I just had to do well at the DI vs DF fight and it was smooth sailing from there. Our next phase was building my credibility as well as proving myself. Proving myself would take more time than earning credibility, but was equally important so we created credibility for me. Paco gave me RoT info to feed back to Brian allowing us to pull off some hit and runs every now and then avoid being 1 itemed. We also gave up an FA that was spying for multiple clans. Appearances were, DI had a man inside RoT, as it turns out though, that man was actually me and Paco. This boosted my credibility, loyalty and my overall proving myself process. Occasionally I had to give info back to DI to keep the suspicion off me, but it was more than an even trade.


I was a model Intro that time and time again I was there ‘til the end of a F2P fight or an epic PvP hit-n-run. Spying at this point was still useless though and the next phase of planning couldn’t continue until I was an FA. The only thing that separated an Intro from an FA was TeamSpeak. Real-time communication and access to information that Intros didn’t have because they could only join CC, if they were lucky. Having access to TS was imperative to the success of this operation. Once inside, the spy could be anyone. An FA or a Member. Once I was an FA, it would be even more less likely I’d be a spy.


Some time after the DI vs DF fights my FA application was accepted. Now I had access to TS and planned fights. Finally the hard part was over. Soon the anti-DI campaign was in coming into play by RoT, sponsored by your very own Paco. It would be extremely tedious to go on about all the PvP fights that happened so I’m going to give a general summary of the next 5 or so months of DI’s spring and summer. DI would be PK for an hour or so, maybe a little longer and then suddenly RoT would appear and crash us. 99% of the time 1 iteming us.

The honor standards and rules of DI held them back, and Paco and I used this against them to demoralize the clan over the months and change the public view of RoT. Slowly every PK trip would end with RoT claiming a victory. Every other day of the week, it was the same old shit for us (them). We’d go out, get crashed, fight 1 itmers for an hour, loose bank to people risking 20k in gear/runes and continue the battle on RuneScape Community forums for hours once RoT regrouped and massed in another world with gear for the ending opts victory pic. Although the false victory propaganda topics weren’t my idea, MattyB sure did make the best of what me and Paco were doing by making these topics.

As time went on, things got worse for us (DI), morale was garbage, people were skipping trips or coming late or leaving early. One day we had a PK trip with like ~25 people, RoT showed up with ~75 and smashed us. This was an unacceptable loss for DI and I assure, rage was had over this fight all through the private sections, members and FAs.






The Downfall:






Brian made some posts and combined with talks we had, I was pretty sure I knew DI was coming to an end even before anyone else did. Also during this, Paco got promoted to Warlord, or Council. Whatever rank. Getting Paco promoted was also apart of our plan. Once he was in a position of authority, he could make moves steering the clan in the direction it would need to go in to claim a victory over DI. At this point, I’m still not sure how much MattyB knew about our operation, even as I’m writing this I’ve never talked to him about it. I start stressing to Paco how important it is for us to make a series of deathblows to DI in legitimate fights. All this time RoT was growing, coming out of its slump and heading to #1. Suggestions were made, seeds were planted, and eventually fights were had.

I believe on our first official fight, RoT’s TS ended up getting DDoS’d out on the orders of Brian to ensure the fight didn’t go on any longer. Just 30 minutes into the fight it was clear RoT was prepared to go just as far as DI was, so the battle had to be taken out of RuneScape to severely handicap RoT. Losing that fight would have destroyed morale completely, boosted the image of RoT, been humiliating for DI. However, shortly after the fight it was exclusively made clear to me that RoT’s TS would have been taken down regardless of what Brian said. Some kykes really didn’t want to see RoT successes and their name wont even be mentioned in this official report of events because I’d rather eat my own shit than give someone like that credit. Even though the fight was a forfeit, it was still a mini-victory for RoT. It showed in just a short time that RoT could compete with DI on a level that would rival the spot for #1 P2P.


With continued crashing, our PK trips became F2P AC’ing trips, which were mandatory. By now it was publicly known that DI wasn’t going to live for another year. Even if Brian still had the desire to play the game, our members did not. Morale was shit and there was constant bickering on forums and topics about “stepping the fuck up”, but nobody really stepping the fuck up. There was even a topic about abandoning the honor code and 1 iteming RoT when they 1 itemed us. Not sure about the exact %, but I believe over 50% of DI members said they’d quit DI if we 1 itemed RoT back.

Forced out of the P2P scene by RoT, DI’s main focus now shifted to major F2P fights to end our summer and clan life on top of F2P. However after finally getting Paco on board with taking DI on in F2P, RoT snipers began wrecking our AC’ing career and out of fear, no other clan would intervene on our behalf even though it was a joint effort to AC whatever fight we were ACing. Eventually we were told to run to single, logout and would get bitched at if anyone actually died to RoT. I believe MattyB also used this opportunity to make propaganda topics about DI losing to RoT in F2P.






The Deathblow:






At some point during all this I was accepted in DI as a member on my 2nd application. Throughout all of this, I maintained my efforts in joining the clan as usual to keep my cover and it actually got me in. For F2P fights I’d make sure to sign up for snipe unit. Snipe unit is easy mode for F2Ping in big fights. You don’t have to worry about tanking or binding, you just snipe and run. Most of the time I placed top 5 in Ranged XP gain for fights. Kind of ironic to be tied down to a clan you’re killing.

Before my final app came up I remember DI and RoT had a big showdown in P2P. I lost like 30M in mage sets and had the highest mage XP gain in the clan on their XP tracker. 2nd place was Tomisme, and I think he was close to mine and then 3rd place was someone I don’t remember but I know their XP gain wasn’t even close to ours. It was a crazy fight, you could cast a barrage into a pile and get an easy triple kill.












My friend Matt introduced me to WoW and I used my WoW addiction as my out to make it out of DI without getting caught. People quit DI all the time for WoW, it happened in the past a lot. It was understandable, unquestionable, reasonable, believable. No one questioned it or hated me for leaving. I walked right out the front gates as the clan died around me. Imagine for a second, if you will, the part of the movie were the hero walks away from a massive explosion and doesn’t even look back. That’s how I left DI.



The rest of what happened after I left is RoT’s history. When Paco and I started this, we had 1 goal in mind: making RoT #1. Mission accomplished. Regardless of the "Did RoT kill DI?" debate; one thing can be said for sure. RoT used DI's last spring, summer and fall to rise to the top.

Special thanks to the following:


MattyB – Keeping the clan alive and making the use of your best assets.

H0z – Same as the above mentioned.

Paco – Talking me through the hard times when I got mad at all the flaming I was taking for leaving RoT.

RoT - For coming together and growing into the clan it is today.

Anyone who knew and didn’t run their mouth.

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Best story of all time. 10/10 would read again

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Fucking epic man, best story I ever read lol

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wall of text.

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Saint Chipotle II

lmfao.. I knew it..

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Will be good....


Amazing read.

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edit: after reading a bit of it i come to admit that paco and you seem to have done a perfect job

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actually did read the last 3 things pretty cool beans i knew about this a while ago lol


but uhm aren't you like a mod DI boards and what about the 'friendships' you made in DI are they legit? Or just bullshit lol

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