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No matter what era of RoT you were associated with, you always shared a place in this clan with Insanecancer. Having a career in the clan that spans over 10 years, Oscar is both the longest serving and oldest active member of the clan. And interestingly enough, his longevity doesn't even compare to his best qualities.

Insanecancer spent years being a model member for the clan. When RoT needed officials, he stepped up and made a worthy council member. When RoT was beginning F2P, he became one of RoT's top binders. In his spare time, he actively moderated forums and lent a helping hand in IRC. A true team player, Insanecancer was one of the most well-rounded members the clan has ever seen. Although he always kept a quite persona and mysterious personality, he certainly left his mark on the clan in a very loud way. His service to the clan will never be forgotten.

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