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3 Hit Ko U (Marty)

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Perhaps the biggest spastic the clan has ever seen, Marty was also one of the best warlords and most respected officials to ever serve the clan. He joined the clan in late 2006 (back when we had a junior rank for people who didn't yet meet the requirements), and immediately made his presence known as a great caller and fall-in leader. During his stay in the clan, he held the ranks of council and high council.


When RoT made our first move to F2P in 2007, Marty instantly became the best F2P warlord of the clan. When the clan went into a slump, he actively led PK trips, keeping everyone's spirits high all throughout. He always maintained order on all of trips, effectively putting fear into the hearts of our new members. When he was on a roll, he was an inspiration to everyone who fought alongside him; the channel never went quiet when Marty was present, and he certainly made his presence known. Although unique, his style of leading was certainly effective. He helped keep the clan alive during the best of times and the worst of times.

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