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Rune Demon5

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Rune Demon joined RoT following the MW merge in November of 2006. He held the rank of captain, and was later made a council member in 2007. RD5 instantly became known as the webmaster for RoT's forums, audio programs, and gaming servers. For years, he helped the community of the clan by hosting our servers and introducing new games to the clan. He was the main person behind both the Counter-Strike and Age of Empires movements, two games which would forever be associated with the clan. While many ex-MW members made break-off attempts, RD5 was always one of the people who remained in RoT. He was always considered one of RoT's "core members". He did wonders to improve the community of RoT, by always being active and helpful. He truly cared about the clan, and played his game with a passion.

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