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Ldjlerik was easily one of the most important members and officials in RoT's history. Having a career in the clan that spans over five years, he never failed to leave his mark on any of RoT's eras.


Erik first joined the clan during the MW-RoT merge of 2006. Over his time in the clan, he held the ranks of warlord, council, and high council. In 2007, many old members (especially ex-MW) left the clan, either to retire or to create break-off clans, but Ldjlerik always remained loyal to the clan. He was one of the clan's best officials, both in game and out. He was RoT's most active member for over a year, and was considered one of the clan's best returners and best warlords. He also always helped in keeping RoT's atmosphere very family-oriented. He integrated himself into the clan's community very well, and quickly became a core member of the clan. He was one of RoT's funniest members of his time, and also one of the clan's best personalities.


Erik was both a model official and a model member during his time in the clan. His ways of going about things were stellar. Although retired in his later years of the clan, he always checked in on the clan, spreading a bit of joy during each return he made.

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