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Yugowarrior (Sean)

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Yugowarrior is someone who has been here to see it all: from RoT's founding, to our achievement of #1 RS clan, and everything in between. He first joined the clan in late 2006, and held various ranks over his four years in the clan. He always remained loyal to the clan, no matter what we were going through. He was one of those core members of RoT who truly cared about the clan. When it came to clan-related issues, Sean was very opinionated, and he never let his beliefs go unheard. In our community, Sean always displayed a charismatic personality.


Sean was a manifestation of an idol member: his qualities included his activity, his dedication, and his loyalty. Although he retired in his later years to serve in the American Air Force, RoT will never forget the effort which Sean put into this clan.

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