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Saturday: Best TO EVER DO IT

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Just now, dex said:

retarded dude next question

oh dude 100%

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Roid Neck
1 hour ago, OTY said:



PM Dark#2304


Went out to see what Rage was up to after their High Council “Edgi” left them for another clan. Turns out, not so well. For whatever reason they tried fighting us on their own, with neither Rev or AF ready. They were cleared completely off the map.


After that, they pretty much spent the remainder of their trip “baiting” for anti-RoT. It was pathetically obvious. After failing to do so at 3 different locations, we finally decided it was time for us to put on a show and fight multiple clans (just as we always have, and always will be able to do at will). And that’s exactly what we did. It didn’t matter how many clans were there today. It didn’t matter what they did or didn’t do. The fight was won before it even started. They lasted 40 minutes.







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