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ended l

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567k lines of literotica

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What have I gotten myself into. My pc sounds like it's going to explode

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Reminds me of the Ronin leaks, but they were all meaningless. Downfall wasted their IRL money on that XD

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15 Rings

When they caught my VR spy after 2 months... (and ddosing me)


12[001812:000912:004312] 12[@Luck_Z12] [16:09] * X sets mode: +b *!*@Swift-F5B0BAB0.range86-128.btcentralplus.com

12[001812:000912:004312] 12[@Luck_Z12] [16:09] * HeyyChaos

12[001812:000912:004912] 12[@Luck_Z12] `Harry|Grim is ~nnscript@Swift-F5B0BAB0.range86-128.btcentralplus.com * Whatever you want to show up on whois

12[001812:001112:005412] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] i caught him

12[001812:001212:000312] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] this nonja guy

12[001812:001212:000512] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] pete

12[001812:001212:000612] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] Evizu

12[001812:001212:000912] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] delete ninja

12[001812:001212:001112] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] off cc

12[001812:001212:001612] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] = heyychaos

12[001812:001212:001912] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] = grimstriper

12[001812:001212:002112] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] = ninja

12[002112:005512:001112] 12[@PaLi12] so heychas=grimstriper

12[002112:005512:001312] 12[@PaLi12] ?

12[002112:005512:001512] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] ye PaLi

12[002112:005512:002112] 12[@PaLi12] did u keep his ip #

12[002112:005512:002612] 12[@PaLi12] i wanna ddos him

12[002112:005512:003012] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] ye PaLi

12[002112:005512:003112] 12[@Luck_Z12] ye PaLi

12[002112:005512:003412] 12[@Luck_Z12] its on banlist




Dennis thinking he caught my spy although I have no idea who planet wave is l0l.


12[001712:000412:001912] 12[@Den||D1e2n312] GF declined VR spy intro downed

12[001712:000412:002012] 12[@Den||D1e2n312] loll

12[001712:000412:002212] 12[@Den||D1e2n312] planet wave

12[001712:000412:002312] 12[@Den||D1e2n312] lll

12[001712:000612:002012] 12[@Den||D1e2n312] gf planet wave or should i say harry|grimripper

12[001712:000612:002112] 12[@Den||D1e2n312] hahahaha






12[001512:005612:001612] 12[@`Armando12] Harry is on the world instantly

12[001512:005612:001712] 12[@Luck_Z|The_Horse12] ..

12[001512:005612:001712] 12[@`Armando12] :///

12[001512:005612:002612] 12[@Evizu12] its obvious wat world

12[001512:005612:002612] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] same with brut

12[001512:005612:002612] 12[@Evizu12] l

12[001512:005612:002812] 12[@Luck_Z|The_Horse12] lol

12[001512:005612:003012] 12[@Den||d1e2n312] he prob knows a brut guy




DDosing me


12[002012:002212:001212] 12[@Luck_Z12] death troll

12[002012:002212:001512] 12[@Luck_Z12] joined rot

12[002012:002212:001612] 12[@Evizu12] o

12[002012:002212:002212] 12[@`Armando12] I ddosd his friend harry|grim

12[002012:002212:002412] 12[@`Armando12] or Le_Bennett did

12[002012:002212:002612] 12[@`Armando12] and now he's mad

12[002012:002212:002612] 12[@`Armando12] LOL

12[002012:003312:004012] 12[@`Armando12] got Le_Bennett to ddos his rot m8

12[002012:003312:004112] 12[@`Armando12] LOL

12[002012:003312:005412] 12[@Luck_Z12] grimstriper btw the nigger spied on us so no harm

12[002012:003312:005512] 12[@Luck_Z12] lol

12[002012:003412:000012] 12[@Le_Bennett12] yeah

12[002012:003412:000512] 12[@`Armando12] ye

12[002012:003412:000712] 12[@`Armando12] harry | grim




Ddosing again!


12[001012:004312:000612] 12[@[Dan-Ultra]12] Camelfan dont say that shit with fas in the chan lol

12[001012:004312:001712] 12[@Camelfan12] What lol

0012[001012:004312:001912] 12[@Empire|Mind12] No you can't, Camelfan.

12[001012:004312:002112] 12[@Camelfan12] I ddosed harry

12[001012:004512:004712] 12[@Camelfan12] I said I screenshotted Harry|grim's ip on ff and gave it out

12[001012:004512:004812] 12[@Airishot12] ya small shit!

12[001012:004512:004812] 12[@Camelfan12] calm down






12[001712:000412:005212] 12[@Pali12] dont ever make peace witj PH/NHF because Bereadytodie is ranked in their CC

12[001712:000512:000112] 12[@Luck_Z12] harry l grim is in their cc 24/7 too

12[001712:000512:000112] 12[@Luck_Z12] lol



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