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Reign of Terror vs Ancient Fury

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Well we headed out in P2P on a normal trip and hopped to World 72 ready to kill Brutality who were going to be crashing Renegade and Ancient Fury, a fight which had not begun. However once we hopped to the world, Renegade told us they had no intentions of fighting AF and would instead hit FF, so now that AF was left without a fight we decided to fight them ourselves, despite them having a week prep to our no prep.


Reign of Terror Starting: 225

Ancient Fury Starting: 270~




The fight began at old gate and despite the number advantage we managed to hold AF off pretty well. The fight was even for about an hour but then AF decided to send people to kill returners at GDS, which put them in a weakened state at the main fight where we excelled. Pile after pile we forced them to regroup. The fight moved to GDS for a few minutes but moved back west when we rushed Brutality who were logging in a poor attempt to crash our fight.


The fight went on as normal until AF sent out a GDS unit again and when they did the repercussions were similar when their weakened pile in-game got overpowered. They ended about 30 minutes after. The fight lasted about 90 minutes.


Was enjoyable fighting outnumbered in the start, and the fight was a good contest when we were on even numbers. So thanks for that.






Reign of Terror Ending: 312 (108 on TS)

Ancient Fury Ending: 0 (Heard 90 on TS though)




Thanks to HF and Mayhem for ACing at points during the fight. Good job on the pull to a no prep event RoT.

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16 kills 2 deaths, GF AF


[sep12] 1x LAlNE

[sep12] 1x De Sam Danny

[sep12] 1x Fury27219

[sep12] 1x Dalinz2

[sep12] 1x Hawkeyorigin

[sep12] 1x Lippy zipz

[sep12] 1x NJs Prince

[sep12] 1x C4m3r0n3

[sep12] 1x VJoshz

[sep12] 1x Clefable

[sep12] 1x DROP thePILE

[sep12] 1x BabeOfScape

[sep12] 1x Croqodilez

[sep12] 1x TROLOL0LOLO

[sep12] 1x The Rs Freds

[sep12] 1x SteveisgladZ

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Was a fun fight GF AF

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had 20+ deaths and idk how many kills, kept getting camped as soon as i returned





gf AF

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thanks for the fight af 12 kills about 8~ deaths.

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