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VR Admin Meetings - The Full Audio

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True 2k8



"dont even fight rot"


"if they hit us, just log"

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Dennis is so fucking stupid

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As much as its LOLZ BANK LOOTZ its really starting to lose its magic.

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Just got done listening to part 3. They're all so fucking clueless. D1e got flamed every time he opened his mouth and they all talk over eachother ;$

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Lets all be honest here, D1E has the teknowledgi so look out.

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All people VR thought/suggested might be spies

vickz06 (pretty sure)


i kevin i

magickill (iffy and stupid)


i divine i





lil40(dumb/stupid/generally retarded)

unholy(pretty sure)




Other members they said shit about


killa skrilla = spastic

dizee y(spastic)

D1e = flamed by own officials lol

lil40 shitload in vid 7


Thats what VR thinks about 15 or so of their like 80 active members. Good clan pals

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I C 3 B

Idk how d1e got leader hes so stupid lmfao

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Was my pleasure. I'll be back again for some more leakz but for now got some real life catching up to do. Could care less now about my reputation with VR, with 4 officials now gone it doesn't take "high technology" to indicate that something is so wrong with the clan that all 4 of us chose to leave the situation because we all knew nothing was going to change in the end.


From losing my forum admin account to being banned.

From losing my RS account to the previous owner to gaining plenty of backup accounts (that will last me at least 10 more years of gameplay lol).

From losing a few friends here and there to getting singled out and becoming even more well-known than I ever was before.

From exposing VR Leadership to getting my 5 second "cant login, call me back" voicemail with an annoying VR's voice saying "aaaahhhaaaa" (that part sounded a bit more retarded really lol)

From being called a pedo, spastic, chink, nerd... pretty much anything you heard of on the internet to VR members asking me for more of their leadership leakz (will come in time, be patient)

From being a 4-year member and 3-year admin (with the leadership making the same mistakes since day 1) to a potential RoT intro and memorable Special Guest (best experience in my career in this game). :tiphat:

From helping catch spies to learning how we caught spies in VR and showing Mattbrazil_2 what we did and how we did it to keep his spies for good.

From remembering Luck_Z as a true VR hero to knowing the truth about what he actually did lol (don't worry your secrets are safe with me, comrade).

From destroying my reputation in VR to becoming the first VR Admin to go rogue and side with my RoT comrades and friends.

From making signatures for VR to making signatures for RoT.

From getting spies removed in VR to planning wrongful kicks in VR (counted like at least 6 last time I checked).

From extinguishing flames and drama to causing turmoil and unrest for many weeks to come in VR.

From dumping "stupid" topics to exposing the entire old & new archives for the public eye.

From keeping many friends I hardly knew to keeping a few friends I know whom I can trust.



My final remarks to those who enjoyed the leakz; there will be more to come I am in the process of collecting and organizing possibly years worth of information. (Y)


Sparze; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esYsHA7fZ2c

Nodari567; http://cdn2.knowyourmeme.com/i/26754/original/Foul-Bachelor-Frog-CLEAN-UP-FAPPAGE-WITH-TISSUE-BLOW-YOUR-NOSE.jpg

Craig; http://i984.photobucket.com/albums/ae327/TehDonni/EdatingEpicness.jpg

D1e2n3; http://www.trismegistos.com/MagicalLetterPage/TOEFL/index.html

Ando; http://www.xarj.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/surviving-jail.jpg


and of course, Evizu... just check these forums at least once a day lol.

Edited by Pali

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Couldn't stop laughing that i was in this clan for 4-5 months lol. i hope they recover though...


and i love how Dennis just loves to lie to everybody straight up

Edited by Kgb96

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