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Zack494 first joined RoT in 2006. After a quick absence, he returned to the clan in 2007, and remained in RoT for a long time to come. Zack held the ranks of captain and council during his stay. Known mainly by the public for his

, Zack also played a very important role for the clan internally. As an in-game leader, he was very well respected by his peers, and he proved to be one of the better warlords of his time.


Outside of Runescape, Zack helped lay the foundation for the clan. In 2007, he helped create the council system which drove RoT into a new era. He integrated himself well into the clan's community, and was one of RoT's most important members of 2007. Following his retirement, he returned to the clan several times to lend a helping hand. His heart always remained dedicated to Reign of Terror, no matter where his life took him.


Whether it be the American army, or the Reign of Terror, Zack always serves to the best of his abilities, just like a true soldier.

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