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From small things, big things one day come.

Phaeo joined this clan at a time where anyone who did not have an extensive history of experience at the top levels of clanning were pretty much brushed aside. Back then we were fighting an Anti-RoT alliance much larger than the iterations seen today and anyone who couldn't keep up with our intense standards were shown the door and in that environment Phaeo thrived. He quickly gained the respect of his fellow members and started becoming a presence during fights alongside the most talented calling duo ever in Brian289 & Jaybird, eventually making himself the 3rd in command in the Wilderness.

Reign of Terror opened 13 years ago on this day and between RS2 and OSRS there have been thousands and thousands of people who have been apart of it. Everyone left a mark. Some people left marks big and some small but until now only 31 people can consider that mark set in stone; 32 today.



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