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I'd like to think that everyone who has come through our doors in our 15+ year history has left their mark in some sort of way. Intros, Applicants, Members and Officials. Everyone gave something. Really, it's because of those collective contributions that we are who we are today. That being said, some people leave a mark so permanent on the clan that they change the clan forever.

I've long said that those who come from rival clans make the best members. Maybe it doesn't work out the first time, it didn't for Ales. Maybe you'll get declined like he did, but then maybe you'll pick yourself up and try again, like he did and get your chance and from that moment never look back, like he did. Maybe you'll become such a big part of the team that you change the clan forever. Wasn't the first and wont be the last.

That's what greatness is.

That was his story and the story of many others who find themselves named within this forum. 33 now becomes 34.


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