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Dedication and skill is what we built this whole thing on. Showing up to events day in and day out for all those years is one thing in its own right but setting an alarm clock and waking up and doing it in the middle of the night or as the sun is rising is another. I've especially admired our Australian members for that reason.

The timezone difference never mattered. It was always about being the best. He was apart of our all-star squad that dominated the P2P 10v10/20v20/30v30 that as you know guaranteed us a clean sweep of the last Jagex Cup. He would also play an integral role in our various DMM successes.

This clan has seen a lot of greats over these 16 years. Many that never got the chance to receive this distinction or are still only beginning their journey in the clan. To this day, 35 have attained this, the highest honor we award. This makes 36.

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