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For someone who now almost ten years later has had such a storied career with the clan and one could say with OSRS in general considering he is ranked #5  it's kind of funny to think about how it all began.

Everyone has to start somewhere, sure, but usually it's not here. Typically, people spend many years building themselves up and getting the connections necessary to join RoT. Tom had the connections with a few good friends in the clan but he showed up here with pretty much zero experience as far as PVP went. Basically nothing at all. We'd be his first serious clan and as it turns out his last.

To go from that to what he eventually became is pretty crazy. Within a year of him joining he was already one of our best performing members, eventually being included on the 10v10/20v20/30v30 teams that swept the Jagex Cup in 2015. He has the special distinction of not only winning DMM with the clan but by personally winning twice including this most recent tournament, DMM: Apocalypse. That's not even touching on all the XP records, the times he's been the first to ever do something, or that he's ranked #5.

A truly legendary run and he's not even done yet. Everyone who has had the opportunity to reach this point got there in different ways. Most were ranked in the clan and served as it's face, but others just put in the work day after day, year after year and shape the clan in their own way. Tom's analytical and strategic prowess definitely shaped ours and to this day his input is highly valued in the clan's operations.


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