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Reign of Terror - Year XVII

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October 5th, 2006 marked the genesis of Reign of Terror, and today we celebrate a legacy that has grown for seventeen remarkable years

Throughout all these years a singular conviction has always shone brightly: Our insatiable hunger for victory. This unwavering resolve has been evident throughout the annals of our history and remains as potent today as ever. Whether faced with a single clan or a coalition of many, the result remains unchanged. 

In our Sixteenth year, we continued to add upon our legacy as we struck a decisive blow by taking down the head of Anti-RoT (destroying yet another Mega-Alliance), Accumulated unprecedented amounts of GP lured with both ZCB & Mace, and clinched yet another belt in Deadman Mode: Apocalypse. These accomplishments are not just victories but symbols of our continued commitment to excellence. 

To all the members, officials, alumni, aspirants, and everyone who has played a part in our saga over the last seventeen years, I express my heartfelt gratitude. Equally, I'd like to thank all the clans, teams, and alliances that we have called opponents throughout all these years. 




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